5 Fandom Resolutions

Welcome back for the first 5FF of the new year. This week’s topic is 5 Fandom Resolutions. In a week where posts seem to revolve around yearly recaps & new year’s plans I think this is a great topic to use.

5. Read More.

I hate to sound predictable but this is one I have every year. I love to read and always have the plan is one novel a week for a total of 52 books by the end of the year. It may sound like a lot but I’m a fast reader so I don’t think it will be a problem. I slacked last year only reading 32 but the year before I have 67 so I still think it’s doable.

4. Start watching Sherlock and Dr. Who

I see so much about Dr. Who on everyone’s blogs so I think I should give it a shot. Hopefully I enjoy it half as much as everyone else.

3. Complete my MCU collection

I love everything Marvel, Their Comics, Movies, TV. So having a resolution to complete the collection is just a given.

2. Watch the LOTR series

I tried I really did but i’ve only made it half way through the first hobbit movie. So sometime this year I will MAKE myself sit through them …just so I can at least say I saw them all.

1. Go to a convention

Preferably SDCC but if I can’t get tickets I would still like to go to a convention that is in some way related to my fandoms.

SO there it is, my 5 fandom resolutions. What are yours?

6 thoughts on “5 Fandom Resolutions”

  1. I went last year to San Diego during SDCC without tickets and there was so much to do without them! If you get the chance you should go even without tickets! I hope you enjoy Doctor Who and Sherlock. Nine is my favorite Doctor and I always tell people please start with him. Don’t skip to ten. Let us know what you think!

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  2. Reading more is on of my resolutions too, and my goal this year is 50 books. I’m an easily distracted reader and a very finicky moon reader, so that will be a challenge for me.

    I’m already a fan of Doctor Who (and I would definitely encourage you to check it out. It’s aaaawesooooome!) But, I haven’t ever watched Sherlock even though I’ve heard it’s pretty incredible.


  3. At a Tolkien die hard, skip the Hobbit movies and add the book to your reading list instead -no, really. I almost fell asleep during the first 2 installments….there are more movie minutes in the 3 Hobbit films than there are pages in the single book. The Lord of the Rings movies aren’t a bad watch though.
    I haven’t joined the Dr. Who fan club either. Maybe I should have that one on my list too.


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