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My name is Adrian Puryear. I am a Denver, Colorado native and lifelong nerd. I currently run (along with my husband) nerd blog hushcomics.com. And I enjoy coffee. A lot.

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Welcome back for another great Geeky Girl Blog of the Month. For January I have decided to feature Hush Comics and one of the blog’s writers Adrian. Hush includes everything from comics to television to games & toys and much more. It is a really great blog & you should check it out. Here are the links to a few of my favourite posts.

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Below is my interview with Adrian, be sure to check out the blog it is awesome, I love when a blogger is passionate about what she writes about.

Jessica: What made you decide to start Hush Comics?

Adrian: A few years ago, my husband and I were going through some of our things and we found some old action figures still in the box. We decided to look up how much they were worth and realized that there could be some gold in these plastic treasures. Our original intent was to open an online store. Around the same time, we miraculously got passes to SDCC. The weekend after we returned from that trip was the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. All this in culmination made us realize that there was a lot we could do just through the power of writing. So for the last 2+ years we have focused on writing the blog, but still plan on opening a store.

Jessica:. Tell me a bit about your blog.

Adrian: Hush Comics is a “Fancy-Pants bunch of nerds.” What does that mean? Well clearly, we wear very stylish trousers. But in addition to our fashion choices, we are a collective of people who enjoy different aspects of the nerd-world. We want to share our own experiences, no matter how green they may be. Too often, many of us have felt like we couldn’t talk openly about what we like or ask questions about what we don’t know, for fear of the judgy eyes of the “comic book guy.” We like to think of ourselves as the “anti comic book guys (and gals).

Jessica: Are there any nerdy blogs which inspired you?

Adrian:I dabble in reading other nerdy blogs. Many are fun. I have definitely taken pointers from some for my own site. But to name one would be mean hours of searching through my browser history. I’ll just say, if you are brave enough to be putting your nerdy self out there, you inspire me.

Jessica:What are your 5 favourite things to nerd out over?

Adrian:Only 5?! Well here are the tops, but trust me, there are more.

1. Buffy

2. The rest of the Whedonverse

3. Breaking Bad

4. Batman (the current Snyder/Capullo comics specifically)

5. Harry Potter

Jessica: Who is your favourite fictional female character and why?

Adrian: Buffy Summers. She has been inspiring me since I was 5 years old and saw the Buffy movie. The love was rekindled when I was 9 and Buffy premiered on The WB. I never missed an episode. I dyed my hair blonde starting when I was 10. I had (ok, have) an abundance of leather jackets. I have a stake in my bedside stand, and I wear cross necklaces. But her cool clothes and style aren’t what inspire me. Buffy taught me that it’s ok to be me. That no matter what situation I am in, I can figure it out. That I am strong, inside and out. The only reason I am who I am today is because of Buffy Summers.

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Jessica: Who is your favourite supervillian?

Adrian: Believe it or not, this is a hard question! I found myself going back and forth about the meaning of “supervillain.” Super because they have powers? Or super because of their reputation? I have a fondness for villains because they are the foil to our heroes – their deepest inner selves. But to be more decisive, I’d have to say The Joker. He doesn’t have powers, but he has that reputation. He is a horrible man. A terrifying character. There is so little known of his history, yet everyone knows who he is. And everyone likes him despite all this. He is very fascinating.

Jessica: Who is your fictional crush?

Adrian: I mean, I think I’ll always love Angel. But I think that has a lot to do with that fact that David Boreanaz is well… David Boreanaz. And Spike. Particularly in season 6 of Buffy. But in general, I don’t find myself crushing on a character as much as I crush on the actor. I have never really had a crush on a character unless they are portrayed on screen, and even then, it is rare. I find this modern thing of having to like someone and “teams” pretty annoying, and just fodder for pre-teens to act older than they are.

Jessica: Since my blog has a huge focus on comics: DC, Marvel or Both?

Adrian:Well I grew up with Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men on Saturday mornings. I really love what Marvel does with the allusion to human history and the oppression many people have had and still continue to go through. But I also absolutely love DC. I know I am in the minority, but I have a lot more knowledge about DC characters and stories.

Jessica: What is your favourite television program?

Adrian: Current or of all time? Of all time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Breaking Bad are the best things to happen to television (for me). But currently, The Walking Dead. Season 5 has been stellar.

Jessica: What is your favourite movie?

Adrian: Wow. Out of the 1000’s of movies in existence I must pick just one?! I shall override this question and list some of my favorites. But they don’t cover the entire list, so I’ll keep it short. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, A Beautiful Mind, American History X, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Inception, Interstellar, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), Guardians of the Galaxy, Stepmom, Inglorious Bastards, and the list goes on!

Jessica: Favourite book?

Adrian:To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. They are both deeply profound.

Jessica: Are there any movies, TV shows or books coming out soon that you are excited about?

Adrian:Well it’s getting up to be January here, so no. But I am looking forward to season 5B of The Walking Dead. Peggy Carter looks good. As far as movies I am looking forward to seeing Selma. I’m certain it will be the best movie for the first half of the year.

Jessica: What is your favourite thing about cosplay?

Adrian:There is a lot of pride in it. I love when someone can take owner ship of his or her chosen character. I have only publicly cosplayed once (as Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad), but the feeling you get when people want to take your picture or interact with you as your character is a lot of fun. It’s kind of like being a Disney princess for a day, except you know, I was a meth head pushing my product. It’s the same thing, right? But as an observer, my favorite Cosplays are the people who push the boundaries of their costume. One of my favorites at last year’s Denver Comic Con were the group that dressed as Steampunk DC characters. 

Jessica: Do you have anything else you would like people to know about you or hush comics?

Adrian: I’m just a nerd girl, in my nerd world. I love to talk about anything nerdy, whether I know it or not, because I like to learn new things. Hush Comics is always looking for new writers and readers. Check us out at hushcomics.com and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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