Top 14 days of 2014

The day has arrived, New Years Eve, the day where everyone sits around and plans how they are going to start fresh and improve their lives as well as reflect on the year that just passed. It is also the end of my top 14 of 2014. Today I am going to rank my top 14 days/moments of 2014.

14. December 21 2014 AKA Garlic Mashed Potato Night 2015-01-02 14-29-40

Every year my uncle has his family dinner right before xmas, I refer to it as “Garlic Mashed Potato Night” since his wife makes the best garlic mashed potatoes EVER! It’s always one of my favourite nights of the year because my family gets together and talk and eat and have a great time.

13. September 21st 2014 AKA Cory’s family dinner 2015-01-02 14-47-43

My husband’s grandparents were able to come to the wedding (2 hour drive) so in September we went home (me, my husband and my sister in law) and had a big family dinner with them. It was great to see everyone since I don’t make it home much anymore.

12. December 25 2014 AKA well you know 2015-01-02 15-00-23

That pic is from my grandmother’s place on christmas day. I had a great day with lots of family.

11. July 5 2014 AKA Bridal Shower #2 2015-01-02 14-55-47

I had two bridal showers one in the town my parents are currently living in along with the rest of my family & one in my home town. This one was my home-town shower. Unfortunately a hurricane hit that day so not many people were able to make it but we had a good time none the less, fun games and lots of food.

10.  October 31 2014 AKA again it’s a given

I love halloween. This year I spent it giving out treats and watching movies with my husband, sister in law and her husband..and the kitties of course.

9. November 22 2014 AKA Ladies Night


I already did a post about this but for those of you who didn’t see it, November 22nd 2014 was Ladie’s Night at my local comic book store “Strange Adventures”. Only Females allowed in the store (including staff), sales, trivia, it was great.

8. July 24 2014 AKA Birth of my Neice 2015-01-02 15-14-15

It was a pretty big year for my husband’s family, his sister got married, 2 weeks later his brother’s daughter is born, 2 weeks later we get married. Needless to say his mom had a huge summer. Anyway that pic above is of my brother in law and his daughter Reese. She is so adorable, can’t wait to go home and see her again.

7. October 12 2014 AKA Thanksgiving 2015-01-02 15-38-14

Although that weekend consisted of 8 hours of driving over three days to pick up my mother in law, go to my mothers, go back to my place for dinner and drive my mother in law home & go back to my place. It was still an awesome weekend with my great family.

6. August 5 2014 AKA Neice Night 2015-01-02 15-25-39

My sister and her girls came home for my wedding and I took all three of them for the night, we sat around in our PJs and watched 8 Mile. Good night 🙂

5. June 12, 2014. AKA scariest night ever


Have you ever since a cat give birth? It’s scary. But those four guys above are the result so it was worth it. We kept two of them (the black on and the one on top). Good completion of my furfamily.

4. July 11 2014. AKA my sister in law’s wedding 2015-01-02 14-31-23

My sister in law got married 4 weeks before I married her brother. We are really good friends & it was great to be there to share it with her. It was also pretty cool how different our two weddings were. Mine was a big, disney themed, catholic wedding with a bridal party with 19 people (counting my husband and I ) with a big reception, photographer, DJ the whole nine where as her’s was a small court house wedding that took about 5 minutes with 7 people in attendance (including her and her husband), followed by dinner at a restaurant, her maid of honour took the pictures and it overall so small & cute. Also, the attire consisted of jeans 🙂

3. January 3rd 2014 AKA Simba Day


Simba is my kitty 🙂 & I love him :).. Hate to say I have a favorite cat since I have four but he is my favourite. He is a pixiebob and a major cuddler. We got him last January and it was not only one of the best days of the year but one of the best days of my life. I love my little furbaby.

2. August 7 2014. AKA my bachelorette.

We didn’t go out since there was only a few of us able to go and one of my bridesmaids was pregnant but we had a great time none the less, we hung out at my friends place, had a few drinks (those of us who could) & just talked about our past (all my bridesmaids were my close friends in high school)

1. August 9 2014. AKA my wedding day.


August 9th was definitely the best day of 2014 for me. I got married. The wedding went off without a hitch (or maybe a few hitches but my bridesmaids took care of them). I got to spend it with my best friends and my amazing family. & We got some pretty awesome pictures.

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