Top 10 Mid Season Finales 2014

Since the 2014 year is coming to an end, this weeks top 10 will be an annual one, my top 10 favourite mid-season finales of 2014.

10. Gotham–Favourite part of the mid-season finale was that it starts a whole new story line for the second half of the season with Gordon going to Arkham, there is so much they can do with that.

9.The Blacklist–Love this show, Red seriously makes my life, but why is it on the top 10 mid-season finale list? simple, the ending. The final scene is Red with Tom and Tom saying he never said anything to Liz about their “deal”. I want to know what is going on! as well as how it could effect Red & Liz’s relationship if she does find out.

8. Bones– I just love episodes that are set in different times, alternate realities that kind of thing, so the mid-season finale of bones being set up like an old movie was just awesome. I loved that it was actually so different from the actual storyline.

7.Castle– I also love castle (and as I write this I realize I watch way too many TV shows.) I’m interested in seeing what Castle does from now on since he got fired from the NYPD.

6. Sleepy Hollow– No Irving No! I loved Irving 😦 There has been so much death on my shows this fall I just don’t know how to deal. Moving on past my sadness over the episode I like how it showed Henry having a change of heart and siding with his parents.

5. Vampire Diaries–The mid-season finale of TVD made me laugh, cry & scream at my TV, once again TVD had me on an emotional roller coaster. The scenes with Kai were awesome, the ending was great, the Delena moments melted my heart, just perfect 🙂

4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.– I loved the mid-season finale of AOS, it finally revealed who skye was, it was emotional, informative, action packed. It is the go-to episode to explain how much AOS has improved over the last year or so.

3. The Walking Dead–It was emotional, good wrap up, didn’t leave us with a cliffhanger, kinda a disappointment in regards to action but still really good.

2. The Flash–It definitely had a discussion starting ending, read more reasoning in the midseason finale review of the man in the yellow suit,

1.  Arrow— I could explain why but I already have in my review of the climb.

Honorable mentions :


Once upon a time




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