Special Geeky Tattoo Feature|30 Seconds to Mars

This post was written by my Mother-in-Law who is a geek in her own right. She is a huge LOTR fan as well as a huge Jared Leto fan. For this week’s special geeky tattoo post she did a piece on tattoos inspired by Thirty Seconds to Mars. Hope you enjoy.

Some people ask us if this is a cult,

I say this is something special,

it’s not for everyone,

it’s only for those who understand”     – Jared Leto

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Thirty seconds to Mars….consists of brothers Jared Leto and Shannon Leto..and Tomo Miličević. Formed in 1998 and still going strong along with their many followers or Echelon`Army. This band has quite a history. From Protecting the environment by raising awareness through video…doing an entire video atop an enormous ice shelf in Greenland… In June 2008, the band joined  with Habitat for humanity for the ” A Brush With Kindness” programme.

The band raised over $100,100 for the Haitian relief through a charity auction, after the 2010 earthquake.  Frontman Jared Leto published a book with photos of the area he had taken himself.

On the 1st March 2013, their first single from the album Love Lust Faith + Dreams, was sent into space.


Starting in February of 2010 and ending in December of 2011 The band went on one of the longest running tours …. 27 countries….89 cities….one band….and all 1,363,930 of us.

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There are many interesting tattoos of 30 seconds to mars and some have many meanings…..

screenshot-docs.google.com 2014-12-29 22-03-59

The triangle tattoos, the Alchemy symbol for air, frontman Jared Leto  sports these on each of his elbows. or another meaning suggests the triangle and its three corners..hence the three band members.

screenshot-docs.google.com 2014-12-29 22-04-46

This tat depicts the Orbis Epsilon…. the symbol has been a huge part of the band’s merch, philosophy designed by the band…for the love of symmetry. after teasing us on Twitter practically nonstop over 24 hours,  Frontman Jared would only unveil his newest tat once he reached 1 million tweets !! after reaching this incredible feet he tweeted saying… “I made you a promise when I hit one million followers. Thank you all! xo” ……No Jared, thank YOU.

screenshot-docs.google.com 2014-12-29 22-05-41
The Arm tattoo is the Echelon “X” symbol that is part of the band iconography…for the love of the Mars followers known as the Echelon or Mars Army.

screenshot-docs.google.com 2014-12-29 22-06-49

Provehito in altum meaning “Launch forth into the deep” is a longstanding motto of the band. This is usually accompanied along with the Phoenix…which is a symbol of life.

screenshot-docs.google.com 2014-12-29 22-07-27
Last but not least is the 30 STM glyphs (one of which I proudly don).  There are two meanings that have been put forth, neither of which have been confirmed by Jared or anyone else in the band….investigated by our family…here’s what we came up with:

The first explanation is that the four glyphs represent the four terrestrial planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

First glyph: two intertwined M’s, meaning mercury; second glyph: seems to be rotating in the opposite direction, and Venus rotates in the opposite direction from all the other terrestrial planets; third glyph: Roman numeral three, and Earth is the third planet from the sun; and fourth glyph: two dots around a bigger circle, which could be Mars and its two moons.


The second explanation is that the four glyphs stand for the bands name.

First glyph: two intertwined threes, representing 30; second glyph: rotating in the opposite direction, almost as if counting down, representing seconds; third glyph: if you look between the lines, you get two white lines, representing ‘to’; and fourth glyph: the same explanation for Mars.

screenshot-docs.google.com 2014-12-29 22-09-45

On a last note..frontman Jared Leto also acts …dabbling in a few most excellent movies!! and has just been confirmed to play the Joker in the new upcoming WB film “Suicide Squad”.

I’d like to thank my Mother-in-Law Kara Mercure for her post this week,I like to include stuff about fandoms I am not particularly a part of. Let me know what you think as well as any other fandoms you’d like to see posts about. I’ll be back in a few days with more Geeky Tattoos.

Made with love from a  STRONG Fanbase (maybe the most dedicated and the craziest, in a good way…) : THE most Disfunctional Family on EARTH! : The ECHELON & The MarsArmy ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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