Top 30 Television Monologues for 30 followers

Following the pattern since I now have 30 wordpress followers I am documenting my favourite 30 movie monologues.

First off I would like to define a monologue for those who do not know.

a prolonged talk or discourse by a single speaker, especially onedominating or monopolizing a conversation. It is different then a soliloquy which is when the actor is thinking out loud. 

30. Spike-Happy meals with legs 2014-12-21 22-11-19

29. Coach Durham: There’s no shame in being 2014-12-22 01-04-18

28. Quentin Lance: He’d become a personPicMonkey Collage

27. Brooke: I wanted you to fight for me. (OTH)

26. Buffy: Are you ready to be strong?6

25. Felicity: I Don’t Accept That

PicMonkey Collage

24. Shawn-I love you man


23. Chuck-I’m Sorry 

i'm sorry

22.Shawn- I love her (psych) 


21. Hershel- You Risk Your Life (Walking Dead)

20. Walter White: I am the one who knocks7

19. Coulson–Are you ready to change the worldPicMonkey Collage

18. Spike: Best night of my life


17. Joe- I need my Barry AllenPicMonkey Collage

16. Buffy-I killed Angel

PicMonkey Collage

15. Caroline: I’m done feeling guiltyssffire

14. Damon: I Peaked

13. Spike: You’re not friends3

12.Nathan-I need you (One Tree Hill 1×19)

11. Damon- I can’t be selfish with 2014-12-22 02-53-24

10. Oliver: If I grieve 2014-12-22 01-48-16

9. Spike: Every night I save you1

8. Damon: You’re the good, when I need a little good in my life.

7. Elena-I’m Not Sorry

PicMonkey Collage

6. Seth: You’re Undeniable

PicMonkey Collage

5. Damon-My Existential 2014-12-22 00-42-12

4.Spike-You’re the one


3. Lex- Great Men

PicMonkey Collage

2. Xander-Yellow Crayon2

1. Will: How come he don’t want me man. (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 4×24)[1.16-end]

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