2014 Year in Review

Here on Giirl Gone Geek I have daily, weekly & monthly features as well as my random posts, life lessons, facts, comic news & a feature on female characters. Here I have my favourite from each category for 2014.

Fandom Rants: A random category when I rant about different things fandom related. My favourite Fandom rant is: My feels of the week (December 11th 2014)

fandom rants

Fandom Favourites: Top lists ranging from monologues to characters to movies. my favourite is favourite buffy episodes (December 5 2014)

Comicbook News: There are a few different posts on comic book news mainly focusing on casting. My favourite is Suicide Squad News (December 4 2014)

Did you know- A category with facts and trivia. my favourite “facts” post is : Marvel: Who owns the rights to what ?(November 10, 2014)

They said it– A category of quotes, monologues & conversations. My Favourite is my 30 favourite monologues in television shows. 


Female Characters–This category is dedicated to the wonderful women of my fandoms. It was a tough choice since this is one of my favourite categories. My favourite is Why Buffy Summers is a great female role model. (november 12 2014)

screenshot-8tracks.imgix.net 2014-11-12 13-59-18

Life Lessons– What we choose to read and watch and listen to make us who we are, we learn things from them, which is why I have a feature on “life lessons” learned from my fandoms. My favourite is life lessons learned from my tv fandoms pt 1 (November 20 2014)                          friendship tv

Super Gift Guide: For this year I only had one gift guide which is on Holiday Geek Girl Gift Guide. (December 2 2014)

Marvel Monday–Ever monday is dedicated to Marvel and includes videos, press releases, trailers, posters, rants etc.  My favourite Marvel Monday is Half Way Diversity (December 1 2014)

Top Ten Tuesday–Tuesdays are a day where I rank various things on a top ten list. My favourite is my top 10 portrayals of female comic book characters.

Walking Dead Wednesday–Pretty straight foward Walking Dead Wednesdays are dedicated to the Walking Dead. My favourite post is a review of No Sanctuary

Throwback Thursday: TBT is pretty straight forward, usually a photo of someone from their younger days or the evolution of something geeky. My favourite is Batman & Joker 1989-Present (December 4 2014)

Funny Friday–My favourite funny friday post is from November 21 2014

Super Saturday Faceoff- The first category chosen & my favourite. My favourite SSF is Batman vs. Ironman (my 2 favourite superheroes) [October 24 2014]screenshot-wordpress.com 2014-12-23 15-59-29

Sunday Morning Cartoons– Disney related feature each week. My favourite being lessons learned from disney movies (falls into the life lessons category too)

screenshot-www.searchquotes.com 2014-11-17 16-05-10

youtube video of the week– I love them ALL

etsy shop of the week–Same as above

Everyday Cosplay–New category , only 2 are done. My favourite is Frosty the snowman (December 23 2014)

Five Fandom Friday–Such a fun post to do every week & I love that it’s a link it. My favourite to date would have to be the one on Geeky Clothing I need in my closet (November 14 2014)


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