20 Facts you may not know about BTVS

As you know I am a Buffy fanatic. So I decided to share my Buffy Knowledge. Here are 20 Facts you may not know about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

1. The show is a sequel to a 1992 movie that actually went away from Joss Whedon’s original idea, he was hesitant about making the show after that but decided to give it a go when approached by the rights holders about doing it.

2.  Sarah Michelle Gellar knew the plot of season 5 years in advanced.

she asked Joss about the things said in the dream sequence with Faith in season 3 and he told her about the plans to bring in a sister etc.

3. The first role cast was Anthony Stewart Head for the role of Giles.

4.Sarah Michelle Gellar was up for the role of Sabrina the Teenage Witch before taking the part as Buffy.

5. Sarah Michelle Gellar was originally up for the role of Cordelia and Charisma Carpenter auditioned for Buffy.

6. Nicholas Brandon (Xander) got into acting to overcome a childhood stutter

7.James Marsters (Spike)is from California & auditioned with a texas accent. The producers decided they’d prefer the character to be british.

Anthony Head served as his dialect coach

8.Katie Holmes (Dawson’s Creek) was offered the role of Buffy but turned it down to continue high school.

9.There are academic courses dedicated to the themes of the show as well as books & conferences.

10. The show almost became an animated series

but nobody would pick it up

11.The rest of the cast (besides SMG) didn’t know it was ending

Until Sarah Michelle Gellar mentioned it to the media

12.The character of Oz (Seth Green) was based on someone Joss knew

13. The film version was Hilary Swank’s first movie

14.Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia) was one of the oldest actresses to play a high school student

she was 27 when the show first aired

15.Sarah Michelle Gellar said she hoped to be a role model & tried to stay out of the public eye, especially when partying

so Buffy “Wouldn’t be seen with a drink in her hand”

16. SMG revealed that her and David Boreanaz (Angel) would mess around with each other on set.

“We would do horrible things to each other. Like eat tuna fish and pickle before we kissed. If he had to unbutton my shirt or trousers I would pin them or sew them together to make it as hard as I could. “

17. Nicholas Brendon (Xander) was told to stop working out because he was getting too fit for the role.                                                                     

18. Ryan Reynolds was originally offered the role of Xander but turned it down because he didn’t want to play a high school student.

19. It is *RUMORED* that David Boreanaz was offered the role of Batman in Christopher Nolan’s reboots based on his portrayal of Angel

but he turned it down

20. Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia) & James Marsters (Spike) appeared together on supernatural.Just 2 of many Buffyverse stars to make appearances on Supernatural.

Supernatural producer Bob Singer once said: “I thought Buffy had a great cast, and we used Amber Benson. I’d like to get Spike [James Marsters] on our show. I never thought I would particularly like Buffy, but my wife got me hooked on it, and I was hooked on him. Plus, that series was so well written. It was so smart.”


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