14 of ’14 Day 6

Today’s top 14 will be on favourite netflix shows that I binge watched (mostly cancelled shows or shows I started late.)

14.Angel–Just something to re-watch every now and then usually just jump to one of my favourite episodes.

13.Charmed–Falls into the same category as #14 & #12 I watched it when it was on the air and a few times since, just pick random episodes when I am bored.

12.Buffy–Rewatch when I got nothing else to watch (also own it on DVD )

11.Burn Notice–Another one my husband found for us to watch.

10.Full House–Watched it in the 90s loved it loved it in the 00’s loved it again and watched it in 2014…guess what the verdict was?

9.Fresh Prince of Bel-Air– Obviously I saw it the first time around but it’s still awesome no matter how many times I watch it. Love Will Smith

8.Life Unexpected–Not sure how I came across this I think Netflix recommended it to me, glad it did.

7.Drop Dead Diva–Always thought it would be stupid until my best friend convinced me to give it a go

6.Raising hope–It’s like a mix of baby daddy & my name is earl 🙂 Thx to my sister in law it was my netflix comedy for last year

5.Chuck–I’m glad my husband puts on random shows on netflix.

4.Psych–Got caught up right in time for the final season …so sad that it’s over

3.Gossip Girl–Loved the books but could never get into the show until I started it on netflix. Loved it.

2. One Tree Hill–Guess I had too many shows on the go the first time it was on but got caught up now.

1. Veronica Mars– Never watched it while it was on the air but I was able to watch all 3 seasons right before the movie came out of DVD–perfect timing 🙂

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