Human Torch vs. Firestorm

This week we are back to superheroes on Super Saturday Faceoffs. In honour of firestorm being on the Flash I decided to use him versus Marvel’s “The Human Torch”. For the Process of this comparison I will be using Ronnie Raymond vs Johnny Storm.

We are doing the fire men of Marvel & DC Human Torch & Firestorm.

Origin Story:

Human Torch (Johnny Storm): Johnny & his sister Sue were part of Reed Richard’s crew’s trip to space, a test of a space rocket that would allow people to fly to the stars, the rocket was not designed to withstand cosmic radiation which caused the ship to fall back to earth. They all survived but each with they’re own effects.

Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond): Raymond joined an anti nuclear group in order to gain the attention of a girl, Doreen Day, he tried to stop them once they got violent and was left tied in a nuclear plant while it was set on fire, along side Martin Stein (who with Ronnie make up firestorm) the fire breached the reactor and caused an explosion merging them together (Ronnie being the conscious one and in control while Stein was the voice in the back of his mind). They were able to split with Stein having no member of his days as firestorm.

Winner: They both were struck by radiation (one cosmic, one nuclear) to gain their powers, I think the winner is going to be Firestorm though as part of his origin involves being fused with another human being which is a pretty cool story.


Human Torch: Agility, Blast Power, Fire Control, Flame Breath, Flight, Heat Generation, Intellect, Light Projection, Marksmanship, Radiation, Stamina, Super Speed & Unarmed Combat.

Fire Storm: Agility, Blast Power, Chemical Absorption, Density Control, Energy Absorption, Energy Based Constructs, Energy Manipulation, Energy Shield, Energy-Enhanced Strike, Fire Control, Flight, Force Field, Genetic Manipulation, Heat Generation, Intellect, Invisibility, Levitation, Matter Absorption, Phasing / Ghost, Radiation, Reality Manpulation, Size Manipulation, Super Sight, Super Speed, Super Strength, Unarmed Combat & Willpower-Based Constructs.

Winner: Although they have various abilities in common: Blast power, fire control, flight, intellect etc. Firestorm has more abilities than the human torch such as energy absorption, size manipulation and super strength.

Their look:

Human Torch: Johnny is an attractive man as the human torch he is an attractive man on fire. His suit is the fantastic 4 suit, full body blue suit with a “4” on the chest.

Firestorm:Also attractive man, his suit is a red & yellow full body suit and the fire comes out of his head and hands.

Winner: Toss up: Johnny’s whole body flame is cool but Ronnie’s outfit is better.

Group Associations:

Human Torch: Member of the Fantasic Four

Firestorm: Member of the JLA

Winner: As much as I love FF it can’t really compete with the Justice League, Firestorm takes this one.


Human Torch : 1

Firestorm: 4


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