Walking Dead 5×8 Recap & Review

So it has been a few weeks since I did a “walking dead wednesday” post & I just realized I never did my review for the mid-season finale so I’m gonna put it together now while i’m thinking about it. If you haven’t seen it yet then beware this post involves spoilers.

So on my last walking dead Wednesday post I made predictions about the mid-season finale so I am going to go through those one by one & see what I had wrong and right.

1. I thought Dawn wasn’t going to go for the plan– I was wrong and right I guess with that one. She did do the exchange but she also wanted to get Noah back which Rick was not going to go for. [more about that later]

2. I also predicted that the fight wouldn’t happen until the spring premiere–Again I was wrong, The battle was quick and not-painless at all, but it happened in the last few minutes of the episode, leading to a new storyline in the spring.

3. I thought that walkers were going to attack the church… I was right they did, not necessarily how I predicted but it was because of Gabriel’s actions.

4. I predicted someone would die, Carole, Tyrese or Sasha were my predictions, I predicted that Rick, Daryl & BETH were safe–once again wrong. I’m starting to think I wasn’t right about anything:S

5. Here we go something I was right about–GREATM getting back to the church while it is being attacked by Walkers.

So i’m not going to recap the whole episode like I have for the other mid season finale reviews I did I’m just going to do my favourite scenes, predictions, stuff like that without doing a scene by scene recap.

First I have my top 5 moments of the episode:

1) Daryl carrying Beth out of the hospital– it was so sad and it caught everyone’s reactions perfectly (although I will talk about Maggie a little later and my thoughts there)

2) Morgan–I liked the look of surprise on Morgan’s face when he saw the map, mostly because all season it seemed like he was tracking Rick’s group but he must not have been because he was surprised to see Rick’s name.

3) Rick’s responses– I like how it’s showing Rick’s character development. He used to have way too many morals to be living in a zombie apocolypse it’s showing now that he can be kind and inviting while still living with a kill or be killed philosophy.

4) Daryl killing Dawn–Although I wish Dawn’s character could have had more development I think it was only fitting that Daryl be the one to kill her. And I loved the lack of hesitation on his part.

5) No cliffhanger–My favourite part is there is nothing to drive me crazy between now and February.Also it is awesome that everyone is back together.

Spring half Predictions:

1. More deaths–I’m thinking we might lose a couple more people in the second half of the show.So i’m going to list the characters from the beginning of the season and go through it that way. Crossed out died this season, Red (probably going to die), Yellow (could go either way), Green (Safe). But I don’t think there will be anymore big deaths for a few episodes at least because of Beth’s death just happening.

Glen                                                                                                                         Maggie                                                                                                                       Tara                                                                                                                         Carole                                                                                                                   Sasha                                                                                                                      Tyrese                                                                                                                         Rick                                                                                                                         Daryl                                                                                                                    Michone                                                                                                                       Carl                                                                                                                           Rosita                                                                                                                     Eugene                                                                                                                   Abraham                                                                                                                       Noah                                                                                                                 Morgan                                                                                                                 Judith                                                                             

2.  Morgan–Is going to head to Washington to find Rick & the group.

3. Mourning– A lot of the episode I think is going to be showing Daryl & Maggie and how they (as well as everyone else) is going to deal with Beth’s death.

4. Where will they be heading– I think they are going to be heading to the Alexandria safe zone from the comics.

5. Group split– I don’ t think the group will split again this season at least not until the finale.

Overall thoughts: I found a lot of it drug out to the point where the climax seemed rushed. It felt as if Beth died for nothing, it wasn’t as intense as when Hershel died last year, it just seemed so senseless. She was safe, and she went back and died because she was trying to stab Dawn.  Now about Maggie’s reaction, I wanted to feel bad for her but really I couldn’t, I felt worse for Daryl, Carol & even Rick, the members of the group who tried to get her back as opposed to her sister who just seemed to forget she existed for half of the season. The most heart wrenching for me was Daryl they became so close in the end of the last season and he tried so hard to get her back and now that. Plus, when Daryl Dixon cries, we all cry.

Rating: Not my favourite mid-season finale but still a solid B+.

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