The Lazarus pit is coming to Arrow?

So in the mid season finale of arrow Oliver Queen is killed by Ra’s al Ghul and kicked off of a cliff, this was a big move on the part of the creator’s of the show. They literally just killed off the show’s lead character. Or did they? Enter the lazarus pit.

What is the Lazarus pit?

For those of you who don’t know what all this talk online is about the lazarus pit here is a bit of a run down.

The Lazarus pit is natural phenomenon that has healing properties & can grant immortality. The pit was originally found by Ra’s al Ghul and first appeared in Batman #232 in June 1971. Ra’s found the pit accidentally while he was digging a pit that contained the restorative chemical pools while looking for a way to save a prince’s life. The pit was able to save the prince but it drove him mad and he ended up killing Ra’s wife Sora. Ra’s then used the pit for centuries prolonging his life. In the comics it is also used a variety of other characters such as: Nyssa, black canary & the riddler. The pit’s powers are not completely understood however in is known that it can save the sick and dying and even bringing people back to life as long as they are placed in the pit immediately after death. It will also kill a healthy user so there must be regeneration that needs to be done. When it is used those it heals and/or resurrects are rendered temporarily insane (with the exception of the joker who regained his sanity temporarily).

The church of blood in the comics also have a device that has similar powers to the Lazarus pit. 

Hints towards the pit on Arrow

The show has hinted towards the existence of the pit on a few occasions over the course of this series.

1. Season 2 Episode 7

Malcolm Merlyn returns after his death in Season 1.  This is his response when Moira tells him she heard he was dead:

“There are parts of the world where death is an illusion. I’ve been to one.”

2. Season 3 Episode 4

The first scene showing Ra’s he is getting out of a big bath. Could it be his own personal pit?

3. Season 3 Episode 9

Ra’s eludes to the pit when Oliver challenges him. Dude looks good for his age.

It’s been 67 years since anyone has challenged me

what will happen next

So I did watch the incredibly brief 3×10 trailer in which we hear Maseo’s voice over saying “oliver queen is dead” and it shows Oliver laying at the bottom of the mountain and someone walking up to him, so here is my probably overly thought out predictions.

1. Maseo gets sent down the mountain to confirm Oliver is indeed dead.

2. He sees Oliver there either dead or close to it

3. He brings Oliver to the pit to heal him but lets Ra’s think he is dead

4. Oliver wakes up but a bit different

5. Oliver returns to Starling but with that “temporary insanity” that happens when the pit resurrects people.

6. The insanity wears off but Ollie has a new appreciation for life and decides not to waste it. So he then goes straight to Felicity and it’s epic.

okay maybe #6 is overly hopeful but whatever .

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