5 top Moments of Arrow 3×9

These are my top 5 moments from “The Climb” not necessarily my favourite moments but those I think had the biggest effects.

5. Katana dies. So that was a brief introduction & a complete flip on the story since in the comics her husband dies where as in this one Maseo joins the league of assassins following her death. Maybe she’ll come back?

screenshot-www.youtube.com 2014-12-17 15-39-33

4. Ray tells Felicity everything. We finally get the A.T.O.M backstory.

3. Oliver says his goodbyes 😦 Now this one is MY #1 however, I think the #2 & #1 on this list had more shock value), this one just hits me in the heart.

2. Thea killed Sara. I was hoping that it wasn’t her or Roy but my dreams were crushed when Oliver watched the video. My concern is that if Thea finds out what happened that she was manipulated like she was and killed Sara who she has known for years and caused that much pain to her sister & laurel & everyone else it will break her.

screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2014-12-17 14-10-51

1. Ra’s al Ghul Kills Oliver. So it takes a lot of a show to even make it seem like they are killing off their main character. & the way they did it, with the flash backs and the blood and OMG it was tear jerking.

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