Is Dr Wells actually the reverse flash

If you haven’t seen the midseason finale of Flash be warned there are spoilers. 2014-12-11 13-52-45

DC Comics have a confusing history involving multiple earths as well as the crisis, the flash point & the New 52. I will try and explain it as well as I can.

First there was the multiverse- With many various earths I will only mention those that are relevant.

Earth-One: Silver age heroes including the Justice Leagure and such characters as: Barry Allen as the Flash, Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, Ray Palmer as A.T.O.M etc.

Earth-Two: Golden Age heroes including the Justice Society of america (approximately WWII) and such characters as: Jay Garrick as the Flash, Alan Scott as Green Lantern Al Pratt as A.T.O.M etc.

Crisis on Infinite Earths was next. It was a crossover storyline in 1985 which led to the deaths of some beloved characters such as Barry Allen. Following “the crisis” Wally West (Kid Flash) takes over the mantle of his uncle as The Flash.

Infinite Crisis was a crossover storyline in 2005-2006 in which Wally goes missing which allows his cousin? (Barry’s grandson) Bart to take over as the flash.

Bart later dies and Wally is resurrected.

The Final Crisis was a crossover storyline in 2008 in which both Bart & Barry Allen were resurrected, the only crossover (that I can think of) that features all 4 flashes

The Flash: Rebirth- Saw Flash II & III (Barry & Wally) both alive as well as Flash IV resurrected as his teenage self Kid Flash (Bart)

Flashpoint is a crossover storyline that premiered in 2011 and includes both Barry & Bart Allen. In this storyline the timeline is skewed (SERIOUSLY IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE ANIMATED MOVIE DO IT!) In this timeline Barry goes back in time to stop professor zoom from killing his mother and therefore creates an alternate timeline which eventually gets turned back (mostly) which created the New 52 which is the comics currently being created by DC.

are you confused yet?

So what do we know about the show in regards to “the man and the yellow suit”, Barry, Dr. Wells & Eddie Thawne.

1. Dr. Wells has access to information from the future

2. Dr. Wells is trying very hard to make sure Barry reaches his potential

3. Eddie’s last name is Thawne

4. Eddie is dating Iris (who will become Barry’s wife according to the comics)

5. Wells’s wife Tess Morgan died the same year as Nora Allen.

6. Barry’s future self or another speedster in red was present the night Nora Allen was murdered.

7. Dr. Wells got his ass handed to him by the “man in the yellow suit”

8. The “man in the yellow suit” told Barry it was his mother’s destiny to die & hints they had faught before.

9. Dr.Wells has the yellow suit

10. Dr. Wells also has the tachyon prototype

Anyway now that all of that is out of the way lets talk tv show shall we? So do I think Wells is the Reverse Flash? No.But before I tell you that I want to make the yammering I just did mean something in relation to the show.

1. Crisis on Infinite Earths. 2014-12-11 22-36-19
Series Premiere

There is a lot of confusing stuff to mention here about the speed force and the return of speedsters and so on but the gist is the Crisis (which refers to the crisis on infinite earths) is when Barry dies only to return later from the speed force

Flashpoint paradox

In the midseason finale Cisco points out to Joe that when Barry & reverse flash are fighting there is red & yellow lightening which is what Barry saw as a child when his mother was murdered therefore eluding that Barry also saw his future self.

So why don’t I think Professor Zoom aka The Reverse Flash is Wells here are a few reasons followed by my own theory.

1. The Ring– Reverse Flash does not have the flash ring, it is a flash thing not reverse flash.

2. Why would he kick his own ass

3. He has been trying so hard to help Barry . I get the whole hero & villain need each other to exist thing but most villains wouldn’t want their hero to reach their full potential.

4. I still don’t trust Eddie, there is something up there.

5. It’s too easy.

Now here’s my theory which may seem crazy but i’m gonna go with it anyway.

Eddie Thawne– I think he could be a variety of people such as:

1. He is professor zoom aka Reverse Flash aka Eobard Thawne but from present day so he is actually unaware that in the future he becomes the reverse flash and that is why the “man in the yellow suit” didn’t kill him when he had the chance because if he killed him he’d be killing himself.

2. An ancestor of Eobard Thawne again why he wasn’t killed because if he’s like professor zoom’s father or grandfather or something his death would lead to Eobard never being born.

3. Cobalt Blue — Barry’s fraternal blonde haired blue eyed twin brother from New Earth version who was adopted by the Thawnes after their infant died during delivery the same night Nora Allen gave birth to twins.

Harrison Wells

I believe he could also be a variety of people. (None of which are professor zoom)

1. Barry from the future– in the future Iris is killed and Barry becomes a bit more cynical but is aware of what needs to be done in order to ensure the world’s protection. In this theory he came back to try and save his mother (as in flashpoint, but once he realized that the world needed the flash he went back again to stop himself from stopping professor zoom because with Nora alive he never becomes the flash.)He then (the older version of himself) stays in the current time in order to help himself reach his full potential. why do I have this theory which sounds a tad bit confusing…the ring. The flash ring NEVER belonged to a RF each Flash (Barry on) had one but no RF did.

2. Hunter Zoloman (Wally West’s RF)–I’m not sure why he would be here HOWEVER a lot of the “man in the yellow suit” stuff is very similar to Zoom (Zoloman) & not Professor Zoom (Thawne) such as the red eyes. There was also the wanting Barry to reach his potential thing, Zoloman does bad things but only because he is trying to make Wally a better hero. Also he is in a wheelchair and has a history with gorilla grodd (which was already hinted to in the series)

3. Bart Allen (Barry’s Grandson/Flash IV) –Bart who is the fourth flash, has killed people before, would try and protect his grandfather and ensure he becomes the flash, also Bart has a history of time travel as well. He also has a flash ring.

4. John Fox –John fox is a speedster from the 27th Century. He travels through time to get the help of any of the past flashes (Jay Garrick, Barry Allen or Wally West) and gets his speed from tachyon radiation

I’m leaning more towards theories one or three for wells though. I think he is doing bad things but for good reasons.

Anyway those are my theories which could be totally off but I thought i’d throw them out there because I think the episode was meant as a misdirect.

what will happen next

What do you think about these theories? does the time travel  hurt your brain? what about the flash point stories has anyone read them or seen the movie?if so what do you think? & what do you think will happen when Flash returns January 20th?

7 thoughts on “Is Dr Wells actually the reverse flash”

  1. Great post! And I loveeee the idea of Wells actually being Bart Allen. Bart Allen normally comes from the future anyways (even though he comes as a kid by what ever) and Barry and Harrison look kind of similar. Anddd the producers have hinted at bringing in Bart Allen. Omg that would be super awesome if Wells was Bart Allen!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It would be fantastic if he was Bart Allen, but what if he’s descended from Eddie? The ring could just be a slip-up, it explains both their existences, and it’s not like a time traveler calling himself “H. Wells” is using his real name, right? I think they’ll shy away from massive time travel storylines; it just doesn’t seem like that kind of show. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, just a wild guess.


  3. Wells is the son of RF and both traveled back from the different times in the future. In Wells’ future RF was killed by the Flash and Wells grew up without a father. RF didn’t recognize his grown-up son. and Wells brought his father’s suit to the present. Wells doesn’t have his fathers’ power and wants to steal Barry’s power at full potential to avenge his father. RF seeks a replacement tacheon device to travel back to his own time.


  4. It’s also quite possible that Wells is an older RF stranded in the present without the speed power. Barry must reach full potential for him to steal his power and be able to return to the future.


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