My feels of the week

So the past 7 days have been an emotional roller coaster while watching TV. From TVD last Thursday to Arrow tonight I have felt every spectrum of human emotion. Time to rant about it.

Where to start… Okay lets do this chronologically.

TVD feels.

So the main one came after this lovely scene

and looked a lot like this:

but besides that one there was also:

which lead to :


which led to…

and finally…

which led to…

Moving on we have Flash

where this happened 2014-12-11 02-42-26

and I was like

and then… 2014-12-11 02-44-55

and I was all…

and then 2014-12-11 02-44-11 led to

 but then 2014-12-11 03-04-08made me

& finally 2014-12-11 03-07-36 which = 

next was shield which was basically entirely a mix of …

Over Skye & Ward
Again skye and ward (this time after she shoots him)
over Tripp

& Arrow. Not too many different feelings just maybe…

this scene

which made me:

 &  & 

and then there was the ending (now I know Ollie’s not really dead but still it hurts my heart to watch)

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