Flash Episode 9 Recap & Review

So incase you couldn’t tell from my “feels” post there were quite a few elements of episode 9 that made me tear up a lil’ bit. But besides the emotional moments there was quite a bit more that happened and my opinions on these events vary.

So it’s mid-season finale week for a lot of my favourite shows which in it’s own makes me want to bawl, I mean I why can’t season have like 30 episodes so I don’t have to endure this pain every year, the only thing worse than mid season finale time is season finale time in march-april.

<–How I feel about mid season finales

So anyway on to the episode.

The mid season finale of Flash was entitled “the man in the yellow suit” and led to very high expectations. Finally, we get to find out which of the two candidates is the reverse flash (but I will get to that)

So the episode begins with Barry & Joe decorating the christmas tree, nothing really happening just a nice family moment (awwhh) but the Joe gets called away on a case and Barry & Iris are alone. They exchange xmas gifts, Barry giving Iris a replica of her mother’s wedding band on a chain (& she still doesn’t clue in that he’s in love with her). In walks Eddie (who by the way I don’t trust) and Barry gets awkward (and Iris still doesn’t clue in) but Eddie does.

Bit of a side note here– when I was watching this episode at this particular part I asked my husband who he thought reverse flash was he wouldn’t answer (he never does so he can just say “I knew it” when it is revealed but I said ” I think it’s Eddie I really don’t trust that guy, he’s up to something”

Moving on there is the scene between Eddie & Iris where Eddie tells Iris he thinks that Barry likes her. OBVIOUSLY!!!! but yet Iris is still “he’s just my bestfriend” seriously, Iris, you are the only person ON THE PLANET who doesn’t see it, damn Barry’s dad has been in prison for 14 years & he even knows.

The first fight between flash and reverse flash was good. I see a lot of people online going on about how Barry shouldn’t have been beat by him so easily but to me it’s a realistic outcome, Barry’s abilities are still new and he’s still adjusting as opposed to Reverse flash who has had years to hone his skills. I also like some of the things he says like “it is your destiny to lose to me” or other lines which hint that they have faught before, which brings up the issue of time travel.

I loved the scene where Barry goes to visit his dad, there were tears I won’t lie, My husband probably thinks I’m crazy sitting on the couch while we watched the show crying like every other scene but I couldn’t help it there was just so much love.

Finally Barry told Iris how he felt and unlike most people online I loved her reaction, she didn’t seem too shocked, she didn’t act cliche, she let him have his moment, teared up a bit & let him leave. I think what would have been wrong would be “Oh Barry I love you too” and her leaving Eddie. They need to drag it out a bit |Especially if Eddie ends up being a bad guy and the flash has to save Iris from him and then she finds out Barry is the flash (wishful thinking).

As far as Joe & Harrison telling Barry he’s “too emotionally invested” about the reverse flash– WELL DUH! this guy killed Barry’s mother, he kicked Barry’s ass, he threatened Iris, obviously Barry is going to be “too close” to it but wouldn’t it be smart to have the only superpowered member of the team there to counter this speedster? dummies.

When the reverse flash showed up to the trap I had to pause the show in order to have a bit of a fan girl rant to my husband. He isn’t in to comics like I am, he watches Flash & Gotham with me and he also watched smallville with me and has gone with me to watch the marvel movies but he doesn’t really know much background. So I paused the show and explained that the reverse flash is time travelling so although he is in the same room as Wells & Eddie does not mean that Wells and/or Eddie are not the reverse flash.

So about this scene–Reverse flash throws around a bunch of cops after beating the shit out of Wells and then barely touches Eddie (which made me think more that they were the same person) and goes after Joe…then it’s flash to the rescue. We get the red/yellow blend happening again and Barry once again getting his ass handed to him by his nemesis only to be saved by firestorm |reaction at the end of this post|

We then have Joe making me cry when he has his little speech to Barry 😦 so cute & off to the West house for xmas. Awkward moments insued, blah blah blah.

then the scene we’ve been waiting for. We see wells walking into his secret room wearing a very familiar ring and revealing the reverse flash suit. I am currently working on a post about this scene in particular and whether this actually means that Wells is reverse flash or if it is just a misdirection.

There is also the side story of Firestorm which began at the end of last weeks episode. This week Caitlin learns Ronnie is alive, but not how she remembers him. Obviously, he still knows who he is or he wouldn’t have been following Caitlin but he’s having issues adjusting to his new life. I didn’t really think Caitlin’s reaction to her dead fiance was realistic, “I wish he would have just died that day”…what did he do that even suggested he’d be a villain…NOTHING…he just told her her wasn’t Ronnie & turned to flame and walked away from her. Oh and when he shows up to save flash was great, just kept moving it along the hero storyline which is great because viewers who do not know anything about Firestorm may assume he’s a villain. I also like that he took off afterwards giving the story time to drag out a little bit while the team deals with other issues, I think it works great to not rush the storylines.


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