Geeky girl blogger of the week–Nav (girloncomicbookworld)

My name is Nav, I’m 18 from Sydney Australia. Currently a student and love everything comic book related. I’m also a bit of a philosophy freak and love movies, but nothing tops my love for superheroes!

For this week the blog I chose is called girloncomicbookworld which is written by an 18 year old Australian girl named Nav Kumaravithana (you can follow her on twitter by clicking on her name).

Her blog is about everything comics from movies to tv shows to the books themselves. I really enjoy reading her in-depth passionate posts almost daily.  Here are the links to a few of my favourites.

Agent Carter Preview

Marvel Civil War

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Episode 8

Is Lois Lane good for Superman (the first post I read)

Below is my interview with Nav. Make sure you check her out this girl is passionate about her comics 🙂

Jessica: What made you decide to start girloncomicbookworld?

Nav: Well I currently work for a Marketing Communications business, which does a lot of content marketing for businesses. Basically it involves a lot of stuff on social media and writing blog posts for these business’ websites. After spending a few months writing blog posts for other people, I decided to write my own blog because I love writing blogs. I decided to make it about comic books because, well, I love comics and the whole world that surrounds it. I get really into having discussions about this world and hearing other people’s opinion, so I thought starting a blog would be a perfect way to do that.

 Jessica: Tell me a bit about your blog

Nav: Basically it’s a series of posts (normally once every day) where I give my opinion and have a discussion on all things comic book related. Whether that’s my opinion on the latest episode of The Flash, or it’s about a character analysis of Lex Luthor, I like to write longer posts that really get into the details of this world. It isn’t just about normal small reviews of tv shows, and covering the latest news, it’s about really discussing and analysing what is happening in the comic book world.

 Jessica: Are there any nerdy blogs which inspired you?

Nav: Well the idea for my blog didn’t come from another blog, but from another website., which isn’t exactly a nerdy site, but typically makes geek posts, is a great site as they are very much into having lengthy posts that really analyse and discuss things related to the live action comic book world. I love their posts as you can tell it’s full of passion and thought, which is something I really appreciate. 2014-11-19 00-49-42

Jessica: What are your 5 favourite things to nerd out over?

Nav: Superheroes, graphic novels, mind-boggling movies, the writings of many different philosophers (especially Jean-Paul Sartre) and any of my favourite TV shows.

 Jessica: Who is your favourite fictional female character and why?

Nav: Oooh that’s a hard one, I would have to say Lois Lane from Smallville. In my eyes that incarnation of Lois Lane is the best, and even when some of the episodes of Smallville were pretty terrible, she still made them awesome. I love her because she is strong willed, yet very caring. She’s smart and compassionate, and is very curious about her world. She can handle her own and isn’t just about being a damsel in distress. And on top of all that she is incredibly funny and lovable, there’s just so much to love about her character.

 Jessica: Who is your favourite supervillian?

Nav: I can’t say I have a definitive favourite supervillain, but I definitely find the Joker incredibly fascinating. I just read the graphic novel ‘Joker’ by Brian Azzarello, and I just love this whole notion of how the Joker views the world as chaotic, and instead choosing to overcome the chaotic world and try to get some order, he instead embraces the chaos and overcomes the limits a seemingly meaningless world has on him.

 Jessica: Who is your fictional crush?

Nav: Dick Grayson! I love Nightwing and if he was a real person, I don’t think I could handle his amazingness.

Jessica: Since my blog has a huge focus on comics: DC, Marvel or Both?

Nav: DC 100%. As much as I love the live action Marvel world, I actually only read DC and Superman is my all-time favourite hero so I’m a huge DC fan.

 Jessica: What is your favourite television program?

Nav: The show I get most excited for every week is Arrow, so I’m going to have to go with that.

 Jessica: What is your favourite movie?

Nav: Not comic book related, but from the director of the Dark Knight Trilogy, my favourite movie would have to be Memento, I’ve never been so amazed by a film.

Jessica: Favourite book?

Nav: Y: The Last Man, took me by complete surprise how deep and thought provoking that novel is, yet also incredibly light hearted and fun as well (even though it’s about all the men on the planet dying).

 Jessica: Are there any movies, TV shows or books coming out soon that you are excited about?

Nav: Batman v Superman for sure! I’ve never been so excited about a film in my life before. Superman is my favourite hero and Batman is my second favourite. I have written a lot of posts about this film because I can’t stop talking about it. If this film is awesome, it might take my number one spot for my favourite film.

Jessica: What is your favourite thing about comics?

Nav: A lot of people think that comics are childish, and they’re really not. They have a lot to say about society and humanity. Part of the reason why Superman is my favourite hero because there is a part of me that relates to his character, and a part of me that is inspired by his character. Many comic characters and stories are able to evoke a similar response in me, so that is something really special. And growing up I was never a huge book reader, as dumb as this sounds I wasn’t a fan of so many words. But then when I discovered comics, I was like wow, this is the best thing ever, less words and a great story! Haha

Jessica: Do you have anything else you would like people to know about you or the girloncomicbookworld?

Nav: Basically if you have strong opinions and passion for the comic book world, whether it’s about the latest superhero films or your favourite comic characters you should definitely check out my blog. I’m always discussing with people in the comments about things comic related, and we may not always agree, but that’s what’s fun about it, having a great discussion about this world. So I’m always open to hearing other people’s opinions.

So please check her out & check in next week to see my next nerdy girl blogger of the week .


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