Flash/Arrow Crossover

Something special happened this week on the CW, two of my favourite shows collided in a two night event.

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Who doesn’t like it when superheroes join together? It doesn’t matter if they are against each other or teaming up, it brings in the fans or in this case the viewers. This weeks team up was the second highest rating of Arrow since the premiere with 3.9 million viewers. These episodes hinted that this may become a regular thing, how frequently we do not know, but what I do know is this would be good for ratings of both shows. Think about it, if one of your favourite shows is crossing over with a show you don’t watch on a semi-regular basis, isn’t that enough motivation for you to catch up on that other show so you know what is going on? I know it would for me although I love them both so I don’t have that problem.

Another amazing rumour is that there may also be a three-way cross over event after the new show Supergirl debuts on CBS, this really gives me something to look forward to.

Initial Concerns

So when I first heard of this cross over event I have a few concerns, specifically after hearing the first part was entitled “Flash vs Arrow”. What turns them against each other? Will it fall away from current storylines on each show? If two heroes are against each other wouldn’t that make one a villain? will they resolve it or just act like the episode is a stand alone and not have it blend with the rest of the respective seasons?

I am glad to say I was reassured after watching the flash episode on Tuesday. It was captain boomerang (who appeared in Arrow) that brought Ollie and the team to Central City therefore tying the arrow storyline into The Flash episode. The villain in the episode was not necessarily one of the heroes which I was originally concerned about but an emotionally manipulatory meta-human which tied into the ongoing story of The Flash. I loved that the crossover included both story lines although the boomerang was only briefly discussed it crossed into the next part of the event. I also love that Captain Boomerang was the character who connected the universes,especially since he is a flash villain to begin with. Also the metahuman’s powers were used to explain the conflict between our two heroes therefore easing that concern & everything was back to normal (sort of) by the end of the episode |I will discuss this later on|  Click here for my Flash 1×8 recap

As far as the second episode goes I was equally as impressed. This time the clash between the heroes is a moral one instead of physical. As viewers of both shows know the flash is a lot less dark then the arrow, as are their heroes. Oliver will do what is necessary to stop those who threaten his city where as Barry swoops in and saves the day while causing as little physical harm as possible. The flash team does however hold metahuman criminals in a makeshift prison under a lab without any legal measures so i’m sure there are some kind of moral issues there that have not been addressed. However, as far as the episode was concerned Barry has issue with how far Oliver is willing to go, once again showing us the contrast between the two.

So the main conflict in the Flash episode was physical. After Barry was affected by Prism he went after Eddie and there ended up being a physical altercation between Ollie & Barry which was not that predictable. You’d think the fastest man alive could take on someone with no real “super” powers however, Ollie put up a good fight and was actually able to hold his own so I guess training does pay off.


The interaction between the team members in both episodes was probably one of my favourite parts. Diggle’s reaction to Barry’s speed was hilarious, he was so dumbfounded and blown away. I liked when Cisco & Roy meet, “red’s so much cooler than green”, when felicity & caitlin put their heads together, and Ollie trying to teach Barry about being a hero.

Another interesting part about character interaction was the reaction of Central City residents to the arrow, specifically his “negative” influence on Barry; as well as Oliver’s observation that there is something off about Wells. 

The truth comes out

There was a lot said in this episode that cannot be taken back. 

Okay so Barry was under the influence of “prism” but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t saying what he was really feeling. Anger is an emotion not a complete change it beliefs. How his interaction with Oliver will effect their relationship we’ll have to see. Also there was the moral issue of Oliver using torture techniques and the argument there, Barry called him out on it, attacking his character which may cause a riff between the two.

Specific Scenes:

“Guys like us don’t get the girl”–This scene was very sad for me because I want Oliver & Felicity together sooo bad, also it was a bit of a bonding moment for the who over their shared predicament.

“Everybody was right”–This falls into a scene in both Arrow & Flash, In Flash it was Iris saying it to the flash, when she gives up on her hero & sides with Eddie (who I do not trust btw) The second was in Arrow when Barry tells Oliver that Joe & Dr. Wells were right about him when he thought Ollie was a better person. I liked the parallels because it shows how quickly people can fall if you idolize them too much and think they can do no wrong. Iris idolized the flash even though she doesn’t know who he is and defended him relentlessly to anyone who said he was trouble while Barry did the same for Oliver. I just hope they can both fully regain their faith in their heroes.

who would win– I loved the little fanboy battle between Cisco & Diggle, watching them argue over who would win between Flash & the arrow reminds me of internet battles, and was good comedic relief as well.

“There’s something off about that guy” –It just shows that Oliver is more than a bunch of muscles with good aim that he is able to see what seems to be escaping everybody else who comes in contact with Dr. Wells, that he is hiding something.

Training scenes–It was great watching Ollie try and teach Barry about being a hero since Barry’s abilities are so new he needs the guidance of someone who has been doing this for a while in order to really live up to his potential.It was also great to hear that Barry is actually learning something from Oliver.

Other Storylines

Along with the episodes main storyline there were two parts that were part of previous/future stories for the shows individually on The Flash.

First there was the appearance of Oliver’s ex, who we saw in a flash back last season in arrow. In that episode she had been pregnant with Oliver’s child and paid to leave town by Oliver’s mother after telling Oliver she had a miscarriage. I’m glad they showed this because I was curious as to whether or not they were going to bring that back up in the future once she left town. It would be interesting to see how Oliver reacts to having a child, who at this point would be around 8.

Second in the end credit seen we see Ronnie, Caitlin’s presumed dead fiance, who is the hero firestorm, although at this point he does not appear to be very heroic. It will also be interesting to see how Caitlin adjusts after she finds out Ronnie is not really dead but also not the man she remembers.

Overall Rating: Definitely a strong A for both episodes, the two teams compliment each other really well as does the feel of both shows. Seeing a lighter side to Arrow & a darker side to the Flash was a great change of pace… I’m so excited for more in the future.

what will happen nextSo what did you think of the cross over event? Who do you think would win if the two had a physical rematch, would Barry’s speed be too much for Oliver or would Oliver’s precision give him an edge? What about the other story lines, how do you think Caitlin will react when she learns Ronnie is alive & how do you think Oliver will react when he learns he has a child?

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The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on the CW

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on the CW



the review of the mid-season finale of the Flash is coming soon.



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  1. I really need to catch up on the Flash. I haven’t watched the crossover yet. I’m a huge Arrow fan though! All the .gifs in this post are making me want to catch up with the show already!

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