Favourite Buffy Episodes (all 7 seasons)

So i’m currently watching Buffy for the hundredth time on netflix & decided to make a list of my favourite episodes along with reasons for each. Advanced warning most of these are season finales.

10. Becoming Pt 2 (Season 2 Episode 22)

This is the only episode where I think I really hated Xander & it actually took me a while to move past it. I mean, I know he hated Angel but what Buffy had to go through was avoidable if she’d known that Willow was trying to save Angel. The ending makes me bawl everytime, I love that Buffy and Spike work together & along with the heart breaking scenes there are also some funny ones (mainly thanks to Spike).

9. GRAVE (Season 6 Episode 22)

I love when the villain is one of the shows main cast members. Watching Willow go dark was incredible. It shows the extent of Joss Whedon’s abilities. He has the ability to make us question everything we know about everyone. He had the ability to take the most adored character and turn her into one of the most fearable villains the show has ever seen. & Her scene with Xander was amazing. How he was able to TALK to down no violence needed by appealing to her good side. It showed the true power of friendship.

8. CHOSEN (Season 7 Episode 22)

The series finale, heart breaking on it’s own. The series comes to a close as Buffy & Faith share their power with every slayer who ever could be. We get to see a light-willow the complete opposite of the dark willow in the season 6 finale. Spike is the hero. There are some emotional deaths (Anya & Spike) Buffy finally tells spike she loves him and sunnydale basically becomes another grand canyon. My favourite part is a lot of the time shows I like end with lots of questions, this one wrapped everything up quite well.

7.THE GIFT (Season 5 Episode 22)

Is it bad that I seem to like all the episodes where the main character DIES. I know she always comes back but the one’s where she dies are quite intense. When buffy gives her speech to Dawn there are usually tears, It shows the extent of Spike’s love for Buffy & the way he breaks down at the end makes me cry some more. Probably one of the show’s best season finales.

6. THE BODY (Season 5 Episode 16)

This one is basically a given. The Body was pretty much the SADDEST FRIGGIN EPISODE EVER! I don’t even have words to describe it. We’ve had characters die before but none were as sad a Joyce.  Anya’s monologue about death was the perfect way to describe the feelings of the episode.

5. PROPHECY GIRL (Season 1 Episode 12)

My favourite season one episode is definitely the finale. First I love when Buffy punches out Giles. The bravery that comes out of Buffy in this episode is incredible. I mean , yeah Buffy is always brave but at this point in the series she is 16 years old and walks into a literal death trap, there is a prophecy which clearly stated that BUFFY WOULD DIE yet she went to face him anyway. Some of the quotes in this episode are incredible, not only the heart wrenching one’s like “Giles i’m 16 years old, I don’t wanna die”, but there’s funny ones like “I may be dead but i’m still pretty which is more than I can say for you.” This episode also paved the way for Kendra & then Faith who I love so there is another plus.

4. TOUCHED (Season 7 Episode 21)–

screenshot-www.netflix.com 2014-11-28 01-38-46

Touched in one of my favourite episodes in season 7,I have quite a few for different reasons. Why Touched? Well first there are spike’s monologues the one where he goes off on the scoobies & the slayers in training for being “sad sad ungreatful traitors” & the one where he tells Buffy she’s “the one”. I like that Buffy & Spike have such a close moment after all of their intensity in season 6, it’s nice to see them just hold each other. There is a vulnerability to Buffy in this episode that is rarely seen, she is questioning herself more than normal.

3. PASSION (Season 2 Episode 17)–

Is it bad that I kinda like Angelus more than Angel? Well I do and that is one of the many reasons why passion is one of my favourite BTVS episodes, here are the rest. I love Angel’s monologue throughout the episode, it is intense and memorable. When Angel kills Jenny Calendar it is heartbreaking, which is surprising because it wasn’t as though she was that great of a character but it was the reactions of Willow & Buffy that made it so sad. Also how Angel enjoyed the reactions of the girls really shows the contrast between the Angel we knew in season one and the Angel without a soul. Also this episode is a major turning point for Buffy’s character when it comes to Angel.

ONCE MORE WITH FEELING (Season 6 Episode 7)–

screenshot-www.netflix.com 2014-11-28 03-49-15

once more with feeling is the BTVS musical episode. I’ve noticed that people either LOVE it or HATE it for example I LOVE IT and my husband hates it.  So What do I like so much about it? Everyone’s secrets come out like the demon sings “say you’re happy now, once more with feeling”. Not only is everyone forced to sing, they are forced to sing how they really feel. Like how Buffy was drug out of heaven, Giles thinks he’s holding Buffy back, Anya & Xander have cold feet about their future. I love the songs, they are catchy with pretty awesome lyrics I burst out singing everytime I watch it, which is a lot. Oh and there is also the SPIKE/BUFFY KISS!

1. HUSH (Season 4 Episode 10)–

screenshot-www.netflix.com 2014-12-04 11-59-03

I love Hush & it’s actually the one i’m watching right now. Why do I love Hush so much here are my reasons. It shows how awesome the show is even without a verbal script. obviously the show is great if one of the best episodes consist of only a few minutes of talking. The gentleman are frigging creepy. Out of all the buffy villains I find the gentleman in hush to be the creepiest, the look, the smiles, the lack of words all scary. There are some really funny parts like when the scoobies are “discussing”(through pictures and charades) what is going on, anya talking about her and xander’s sex life, when spike is making fun of Xander & Anya.It is the first episode on the road to Willow & Tara which is a big deal. & finally the nursery rhyme is creepy as hell.

Honourable Mentions:

The Wish 3×9

Fool For Love 5×7

Wrecked 6×10

Halloween 2×6

Pangs 4×8

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