Favourite Angel Episodes

So to continue on my Favourite Buffy Episodes post I decided to do one on my favourite Angel episodes as well.

10. I WILL REMEMBER YOU (Season 1 Episode 8)

The first cross over of the series, first Angel shows up in Sunnydale in PANGS (SEASON 4 of BTVS) then Buffy comes to LA to confront him about it. This episode made me so sad? It had the comedic stylings of Cordelia, mixed with the romance of Buffy & Angel and the sacrifice that makes Angel who he is. After being turned human again Angel rekindles his romance with Buffy.

It would have all been sunshine in rainbows if Angel wasn’t such a heroic person. He realizes that as a human it’s too much on Buffy as a slayer to have to also protect him so he goes and gets the whole thing reversed and becomes a vampire again wiping Buffy’s memory of their day together while he has to remember it. Sacrificing his ultimate happiness for the greater good.

9. ORPHEUS (Season 4 Episode 15)

Faith risks her life in this episode in order to try & help bring Angel back. After she drugs herself she gets put into a dream like state inside Angelus’ mind where he is forced to watch all of Angel’s good deeds. So why do I like this episode so much. It is a twist on five by five/ Santuary this time with Faith trying to help Angel. Also, Angelus is funny you gotta give him that. It also shows a lot about Angel’s past we haven’t seen before and I feel like it’s a great insight into the character.

8. Five by Five (Season 1 episode 18)

In case it’s not obvious yet I loved the cross overs. Anything with a major BTVS character in it: Faith, Willow, Buffy etc. were the episodes I most enjoyed. I guess that is because although I did like Angel I preferred Buffy because admit it everyone has a favourite whether they’ll admit it or not. Anyway back to this episode in particular & why it ranked. The buffy episode before it was “who are you” where you start to see a bit of the good in Faith but then five by five happens and you see Faith at her worst. She is more sadistic during the scene where she is torturing Wesley than I remember in the entire franchise before & after. This is shocking after she just saved people while in sunnydale it turns out she wants to be killed because she believes she is bad and deserves it. The end scene with Angel where she is begging him to kill her is one I really enjoyed the passion is amazing.

7.ARE YOU NOW OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN (Season 2 Episode 2)

What I like the most about this episode is it shows a glimpse into Angels past. I love the flashbacks, the emotion, everything. It captures who Angel is well. Plus there are some funny parts as well and those are always great. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Angel looks into the history of an old LA hotel where he lived in the 1950s. At this time strange things were happen, and Angel noticed they were caused by something in the building. Now in present day he is trying to figure it out.

6.REUNION (Season 2 Episode 10)

In this episode Angel tries to stop Darla’s “Rebirth” but is too late. Drusilla & Darla then end up on a crime spree only to later end up at a party thrown by wolfram & hart and Angel leaves the lawyers locked in a room with Drusilla & Darla since the lawyers were the one’s who set it all up it was only fitting that they face what they done (which leads to a major blood bath). What I loved about this episode is it showed a side of angel we don’t see much, the vengeful kind.

5. LULLABY (Season 3 Episode 9)

Another theme in a lot of my top episode choices is sacrifice. In this episode Darla has a growing love for her unborn son, a feeling Darla isn’t too used to. She sacrifices herself in order to ensure his protection. The scene is so sad when she stakes herself & turns to dust leaving only the newborn infant in her place. I admit there may have been a tear.

4.SANTUARY (Season 1 episode 19)

This episode follows the events of five by five. Angel is determined to help Faith cope with what she has done and become a better person and then Buffy shows up. I like seeing the tortured side to Faith, her battling her demons. It shows a vulnerability that I find interesting to see in characters with her strength. The scenes between Buffy & Angel I also love. I like how he sticks up for faith because he knows how she feels, it shows how much he really wants to help her when he goes against Buffy. & when he is talking about she can move on but he can’t was incredible as well. Overall awesome episode.

3. IN THE DARK (Season 1 Episode 3)

Well reason number one spike is in it, and it’s the souless spike at that. He HATES Angel (even though he also hates Angel after the soul) but it’s different at this point. Another reason is it is considered a cross over since the events started in the previous episode of Buffy when Spike was searching for the ring that allows vampires to walk be virtually indistructible. Buffy gets her hands on it and sends it to LA with Oz because she feels it could greatly benefit Angel. But what does Angel do…oh yeah he destroys it for the greater good.

2.SALVAGE(Season 4 Episode 13)

Big surprise another crossover made the list. The only issue I had at this point of the series is the part where cordelia was being possessed thing (which I did not like at all). Faith gets broke out of prison which is AWESOME and comes back to try and help deal with Angelus. Also, a willow feature, which makes sense since she is the only person who had restored Angels soul in the past. So we have a link to the buffy story line (the bringer knife used to attack faith), Faith gets out of prison, Angel gets his soul back & Faith and Willow are both in the episode all of which is why it is my 2nd favourite Angel episode.

1. SMILE TIME (Season 5 Episode 14)

This episode was HILARIOUS! The villains, demon puppets. Leave it to Joss Whedon, like really is there anything this man can’t make happen. & Angel as a puppet was awesome, the puppet even looked like David Boreanaz. Spike’s script was awesome, Angel’s script was awesome. The whole episode … you guessed it AWESOME!

Honourable Mentions

The Trial 2×9

Not Fade Away 5×22

Hell Bound 5×4

Soulless 4×11

Spin the Bottle 4×16

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