Supergirl on CBS

There is no better time to be a comicbook fan then right now. From 2008-2020, comics are sweeping the globe in all forms, the print forms are becoming more popular, merchandise is more available, movies are coming in bounds and there is a show on almost everynight. As far as the TV adaptations go DC is on top, with Arrow, Flash, Gotham & Constantine filling up PVRs around the world. Now CBS has picked up supergirl to start sometime in 2015.

Changes to Origin Story

Okay so this could be an issue, except it’s not. When I first saw the headline that said that they were going to change her origin story I admit I got very nervous. However, after reading the article I realized they weren’t going to do too much damage. The story is going to start off with 24 year old Kara who has hid her powers while on earth but now decides to embrace them in order to be the hero she is meant to be. So the changes for those of you who don’t know are basically this: in the origin of supergirl she comes to earth as a teenager following her cousin Kal aka Clark Kent aka Superman however, she arrives years after him when he is an adult and a superhero. He then helps her adjust to her new powers & create a secret identity. I actually like the new story better, I think it would work better for the show and will allow more of a focus on Kara as opposed to Superman.

Potential Crossovers

So according to various sources even though the show will be on CBS & not the CW there is still the potential for cross overs between Arrow, Flash & Supergirl and here is also rumours that such an episode is in the works. After this week’s cross overs between Flash & Arrow I for one am really excited for the possibility of a three-way cross over 🙂

Casting Rumours

So far the only rumour I have heard so far is that CBS was looking at Claire Holt from the Vampire Diaries & The Originals. I have also done a post where you can read more about my reaction to this by clicking here: “Claire as Kara I say YES!”

So what do you guys think of the upcoming show?

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