Half-Way Diversity : Fantastic Four Casting

I know the casting was announced a while ago but I was discussing this with my husband and felt the need to make a post about it.

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Okay so before this post starts I have a feeling it will cause some issues. I would like to start by saying I AM NOT RACIST, nothing I am about to say constitutes as RACISM. So now that I got that out of the way get ready to call me a racist, because apparently what I am about to say is wrong.

Now I would like to point out my issue is not with the fact that Johnny Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie is African American. I’m completely cool with that. My issue is that Johnny & Sue are different races. If you are going to make Johnny African American do the same to Sue, they are siblings. If you don’t want them to both be African American then keep them white. Don’t try and diversify the film only to start messing with an origin story by only doing it half way.

Now i’ve been reading many comments on posts such as this saying that the comicbook community is trying to portray more diverse heroes in television & film. I have no issue with that. I’m pumped for black panther, I’m pumped for captain Marvel one is an african american one is a woman both different from the stereotypical white males we are used to seeing. I love that. I’m also cool with Will Smith being cast as deadshot because his story is not dependent on his race nor on him being the same race as another character. I was also upset about Ra’s al ghul being played by Liam Neeson is batman begins because Ra’s is a character of middle eastern decent not a white british guy.

I am okay with race bending when it fits the story but i’m not okay with altering source material. I would like to point out that the people who criticize those who react poorly to the casting of Johnny Storm seem to be the same people who stated that WB was whitewashing the character of Ra’s al ghul in batman begins. There should not be a double standard. If the source material calls for something they should follow it.

anyway there is a point to my rant. I feel like the casting of Johnny is good and i’m sure that Michael B Jordan will do a great job I just feel like they only went half way. If they were changing the race of one they should have done it for both. Really if you think about it isn’t doing it half way racism in it’s own by only having one african american character when they could easily have two?

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