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Hi! My name is Megan but you might know me better as The Nerdy Girlie. I am a blogger, photographer and social media junkie. I love the friendships I have made since starting my blog. I could have never imagined it when I began. They are the best part about blogging. When I’m not blogging, I am lost in music. Whether practicing guitar or ballet­ing around my living room music is always apart of my everyday. Have you listened to A Silent Film yet?! Guilty pleasure: One Direction.

This is my first Featured blog and I think I made a good choice to start it off. The blog featured this month is The Nerdy Girlie which is run by the nerdy girlie herself Megan Gotch .So why did I choose to start of these series with the Nerdy Girlie? Easy answer, since I started my blog (which is still new) I’ve gathered a lot of inspiration from Megan, not just her blog but also the g+ community she co-created female geek bloggers, I follow her on twitter, she also helped created five fandom fridays which I love & the boundless book club on goodreads.

As far as the blog it’s self when I am trying to come up with a post or bored and want to read a post someone else has done I usually find myself over at the nerdy girlie looking through what she has done. Here are some of my favourites:

Social Media Fandoms

Nathan Fillion

#Nerd Girl Problems: Obsession

If my blog was an outfit

Top 10 Tips for San Diago Comic Con (the first post I read)

Below is my interview with Megan (make sure you check out her blog, it is awesome)

Jessica: What made you decide to start thenerdygirlie?

Megan: It was after I attended my fourth San Diego Comic Con that I felt like I wanted to share what I had learned the past four years with those coming for the first time. Since then the site has grown from SDCC help to Everyday Cosplays, nerdy DIYs and adding on to my team. The Music Maven writes about our love of all things music. The Gamer Geek takes on our favorite video games and comics and our newest addition Nerd on the Run covering health, fitness and books.

Jessica: Tell me a bit about your blog.

Megan:My blog is a place where I want to connect with fans of all the things I love and share that love! I’ve also discovered new things to fangirl about thanks to recommendations. I love writing, photographing and sharing all of my loves and I am just so happy to have a place to do that and can’t believe people actually read it!

Jessica: Are there any nerdy blogs which inspired you?

Megan: There are so many! Being Geek Chic,Super Space Chick and Girl Gone Geek were the first I discovered when I began blogging journey. Also Crazy 4 Comic Con has been a huge inspiration and supporter since the beginning of The Nerdy Girlie. But check out my bloglovin’ for even more amazing blogs I follow!

Jessica: What are your 5 favourite things to nerd out over?

Megan:Only five? That is so hard, but as I think about this list it is basically shows how much of an Anglophile I am! A Silent Film {my favorite band & they are British!}, Doctor Who, Union Jacks, Futurama and San Diego Comic Con.

Jessica: Who is your favourite fictional female character and why?

Megan: This was also another hard one, but I think I have to go with Hermione. Looks are never a major part of her life it is more about who and what she loves, which is how I try to live my life. Though honestly I struggle with that a daily basis, especially living in LA and putting myself out there with my blog.

Jessica: Who is your favourite super villian?

Megan: Do vampires count? Ever since I was young and watched a children’s program entitled Are You Afraid Of The Dark I’ve been in love with vampires. Interview With A Vampire is my favorite film, I’ve watched it more times than I can recall. If a show/movie/book/etc has anything to do about vampires I will give it a chance. So yes I flew through the Twilight series, but didn’t love the movies.

Vampires always count 🙂

Jessica: Who is your fictional crush?

Megan: Who isn’t my fictional crush is more like it! I’m not a player I just crush a lot. LOL. The 10th Doctor would probably be the first. Followed neck and neck with Sam Witwer from Being Human US. Sam the person would be my top man crush.

Jessica: Since my blog has a huge focus on comics: DC, Marvel or Both?

Megan: I like both, but Marvel might have a slight edge. I loved the new and old Batman movies but Guardian’s of the

Galaxy hit a major home run and that soundtrack? Total win.

Jessica: What is your favourite television program?

Megan:Airing now The Walking Dead and Doctor Who. TWD is, in my opinion, the best show on TV. I’m not a horror fan, but TWD is all about the story and the characters. The writing is so stupendous as is the acting. Two years ago I flew threw the new Who, but found series 8 to not be my favorite, though Capaldi is perfect. There were a few good episodes but nothing mind blowing. That being said I cannot wait for series 9 and the Christmas special. Canceled shows Futurama. It’s been with me for so long is my favorite show of all time.

Jessica: What is your favourite movie? 

Megan: Interview With a Vampire, it is the perfect vampire tale.

Jessica: Favourite book?

Megan: Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Askaban. Though I love all of the Harry Potter novels Askaban was my favorite of the series. Harry Potter is the first series I remember being completely heart broken when it ended.

Jessica; Are there any movies, TV shows or books coming out soon that you are excited about?

Megan: Movies, The Hobbit. Books, the continuation of The Selection series by Keira Cass, a series that is super fun and TV the Doctor Who Christmas special. Doctor Who AND Christmas…too perfect!

Jessica: This question is the one that will change from blog to blog depending on that blog’s focus. Since thenerdygirlie has a big focus on SDCC the question will relate to conventions: What is your favourite part about conventions?

Megan: Meeting up with all my friends! Cons are always like one big family reunion.

Jessica: Do you have anything else you would like people to know about you or the nerdygirlie?

Megan: If people know just one thing about me I hope that it is that I love interacting with fellow fans. I love talking about our shared passions so please come say HI if you ever see me at a con!

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