Caroline Forbes vs Elena Gilbert (TVD)

Before I start this faceoff I would like to point out I PREFER Caroline’s character. However, I am trying to be unbiased with this comparison so anyone can win. 2014-11-30 23-24-15

Round 1: Who was the better human?

Caroline Forbes–> As a human Caroline was insecure, neurotic, anal, whiny, and competative. She was very jealous of Elena and a major control freak.

Elena Gilbert–> As a human Elena was a martyr, also whiny, also annoying but she cared deeply for her friends and family.

Caroline: (to Stefan) “So you’re saying that now I’m basically an insecure, neurotic control freak on crack?

Winner: I’d have to give this one to Elena, they were both annoying but Caroline more so.

Round 2: Who had the most interesting journey to vampirism?

The Initial Injury–>Caroline was injured in a car accident with Tyler & Matt when Tyler lost control of his car because of the Gilbert invention. vs. Elena suffered a head injury and collapsed after being kidnapped by Alaric and then Klaus, having her blood drained and getting flung across the room during a battle between Klaus and Tyler.

The blood in their system–> Damon used his blood to heal Caroline,  Damon’s blood was injected into Elena during a hospital trip following her collapse by Dr. Meradith Fell. 

The death–> Caroline was smothered by Katherine who knew she had Damon’s blood in her system in order to send a message to the Salvatores. Elena & Matt were driven off the Wickery bridge when Rebekah stood in the middle of the road and Elena sacrificed herself so that Stefan would save Matt instead.

The transition–> Caroline’s first feed was a blood bag and her second was a nurse who she fed on and compelled to forget. Elena’s first feed was off the floor where she was being held, second was of Matthew Donovan.


Damon: (to Stefan & Elena) “Caroline Forbes of all people will not make it as a vampire”

Round 3: First Kill

Caroline–> Caroline lost control right after her turn in season 2 & killed a guy named Carter at the school carnival. This led to a bit of a break down but she was easily calmed by Stefan who promised to help her.

Elena–> Elena snapped and killed one of “the five” after he took Jeremy, Matt & April hostage at the Grill. This lead to a curse which is meant to drive vampires to suicide if they kill a hunter. 2014-11-30 22-23-13

Round 4: Self Control.

Caroline–> Caroline by far has the best control of any of the vampires on the show. She has killed on the fewest occasions and has never turned off her humanity.

Elena–> She has pretty decent control now but has almost killed people on a few occasions and has killed far more than Caroline & has turned her humanity off once.

Damon (about Elena): Humanity means nothing if you don’t have anyone to care about

Round 5: Friendship

Caroline–> Caroline’s best friend would be Stefan (although they have their issues right now) as well as Elena, Bonnie & Matt. She can depend on Enzo & Klaus as well.

Elena–> Elena’s best friend would be Bonnie (who has sacrificed herself again and again for Elena) as well as Caroline, Matt & Stefan.

Round 6: Romantic Life

Caroline– Dated Matt Donovan, Tyler Lockwood, Slept with Klaus Mickelson, Slept with Damon Salvatore, has feelings for Stefan Salvatore.

Elena — Dated Matt Donovan, Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore & Liam Davis (very briefly)

Round 7: Most Epic Romance

Caroline– “Forwood” “Klaroline” & “Steroline” are the names given to the fandoms surrounding Caroline Forbes’ love life. Forwood in my opinion was quite boring, Klaroline had potential but never went anywhere really & Steroline also has potential.

Elena– “Stelena” & “Delena” have been competing fandoms for years. Both amazing, (Delena fan myself). Both can be considered epic love stories.

Round 8: Strength

Caroline– Has been captured and tortured on numerous occasions but never in the same way twice, she always learns from her experiences and adapts to them. 

Elena–Was trained by Alaric, good fighting skills but is usually rescued and doesn’t have to use her full capabilities.

Round 9: Who has the most sympathetic “turning story”

Caroline woke up scared and alone and had to adjust to the first few hours by herself where as Elena who knew about vampires before hand had both Salvatore brothers waiting with her when she woke up and by her side through the whole process.Damon: Fed on Caroline/Always saved Elena; Stefan helped both of them through the adjustment and since; Matt: Dumped Caroline when he found out about her but let Elena feed on him when she turned; Alaric (only living father figure) has been very supportive of Elena while Caroline’s father tortured her; Bonnie made Elena a daylight ring without hesitation while Stefan had to beg her to do it for Caroline. As far as support Elena got it all and Caroline got barely any.

winner: Caroline

Round 10: Who had the most loses. (* no longer dead)

Elena– Three sets of parents (adoptive |Grayson & Miranda| biological |John & Isabel| Guardians |Jenna & Alaric*) Her brother Jeremy* Her best friend Bonnie, her boyfriend Damon* Various friends

Caroline–Her father, her best friend Stefan* Her friend Bonnie, various friends

Round 10: Independence

Elena– Attempts independence but has not been single for any substantial amount of time for the whole show, basically has permanent body guards who sacrifice themselves for her at every turn, she has a difficult time making decisions for herself.

Caroline– Although she has had many relationships she never really relied too heavy on them for her own happiness. She usually has to look after and defend herself.

Round 11: Personality as a vampire

Elena– More emotional, very difficult time dealing with loss, difficulty keeping her emotions in check

Caroline–Stronger, more in control, more self assured

Elena: 6

Caroline: 7


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