Caroline Forbes–Under appreciated

If you haven’t watched TVD at all then this post probably isn’t for you. I am going to do another female character feature this time on Caroline Forbes of the Vampire Diaries. Similarities with previous feature female characters–She’s a small blonde who can kick some ass.

Now at the beginning of season one, this girl was ANNOYING! She was your everyday insecure, neurotic,perfectionist blonde cheerleader. I didn’t really like her much the first season, she was jealous, shallow & self serving.

She had this INSANE internal competition with Elena Gilbert, who at the beginning of the series was more of a frenemy to Caroline than her friend. 2014-11-26 20-17-24

She doesn’t understand how hard it is
So Elena is the “main” female character on The Vampire Diaries. There was one point in the series when Elena said, referring to Caroline “she doesn’t know how hard it is”. Now I do like Elena (although many viewers don’t), I feel for her, she has lost a lot of people she loved, had her life cut short and was used for her dobbleganger blood on numerous occasions. HOWEVER, I think it is Elena who doesn’t understand how hard things were for Caroline, actually it seems as though none of the characters do. This video I found on youtube contrasts their experiences PERFECTLY.

“She Doesn’t Deserve That”
When Caroline turned into a vampire in season 2, she woke up, in transition, alone. Nobody was there with her, nobody explained to her what was happening, she just woke up scared, alone and hungry, with erased memories coming back. She fed (but did not kill) on the nurse in order to save herself and when she did go to far and kill someone she didn’t turn off her humanity, she felt the guilt and tried to get someone to help her. Bonnie, who was supposed to be her friend, turned her back on her. Damon tried to kill her. Her mom didn’t accept her (at first), her boyfriend broke up with her, the wolves kidnapped and tortured her while Tyler did nothing to try and help, Klaus kidnapped her and tried to sacrifice her, her father kidnapped her and tortured her. She was used and abused and fed on by Damon in the first, which was never actually addressed in the show (I do like Damon but he was a dick at the beginning). All of that was only in the first couple years.Caroline has been through a lot. This list doesn’t even begin to describe the events of the last 5 years that have effected Caroline.

“Stong, Ageless, Fearless”
Regardless of everything she went through Caroline never let it wreck her. She probably has the best self control out of all the vampires on the show, she has never turned off her emotions, She has lost control &killed once but that was when she was a “newbie-vamp”, she has killed more but usually for a reason, she is Stefan’s “sober sponsor” for when he gets his ripper urges and she is loyal to a fault. She tries so hard to make everything better for everyone. She spent 4 months trying to get Bonnie & Damon back, one of the only ones who kept trying, she spent the same 4 months trying to make it so vampires could enter mystic falls again, she works so hard on everything and it seems like nobody appreciates it. She is honest (even when it’s something her friends don’t want to hear), She is independent, funny and determined. She is in the words of Klaus “Stong, Ageless & Fearless”.

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