Youtube Vid of the Week–Logan and Veronica Bulletproof

Since my overarching theme this week seems to be Veronica Mars I decided to chose a Veronica Mars video for the youtube vid of the week. This one is called ” Veronica & Logan Bulletproof ” and it’s by a youtube user named “Feed the Silence” a swedish woman in her twenties who makes fan videos about TV shows & movies. We seem to share a few fandoms as well, VM and Shield in particular. I chose this particular video because I really enjoyed it obviously and everytime I go to youtube to watch Veronica and Logan videos I end up coming back to this one. The song is awesome & I love how she incorporates scenes from both the series and the movie. Hope you enjoy & check out her channel the link is above.

4 thoughts on “Youtube Vid of the Week–Logan and Veronica Bulletproof”

  1. I adore this fan vid! Great pick!

    Do you know the name of the artist that did this version of “Bulletproof?” I can’t find it anywhere and for some reason I can’t leave comments or PM on YT.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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