So this weeks episode of the walking dead wasn’t the greatest. It was quite slow and I really expected more especially this soon to the mid-season finale. So prediction wise I was right on the timeline, this story pics up at the end of episode 3,4,5 & 6 with Daryl back at the church with Noah, with Carole at the hospital and “GREATM”..the exact same place they were before.

My ups and downs of this episode:
1. ❤ I liked how there was a bit more insight on how Dawn’s mind works–she can’t look weak, she has to be the one to make the decisions. She shows this when she decides to take Carole off life support and tells Beth “you just killed that woman”. She says this because in order to keep things moving the way they are she cannot side with Beth over one of her officers; she then basically tells Beth to keep Carole alive. I’m not really sure how I feel about Dawn. She’s obviously a control freak,but she can’t be that bad if she wants to make sure someone gets medical attention, right? I don’t know I guess we’ll have to see more of her for me to form a real opinion. 2014-11-27 22-04-36

2. 😐 GREATM–Nothing really happened with this group…like at all. Until Eugene woke up there was no momentum with them. It would have been good if they would have actually accomplished something instead of just standing around the truck watching unconscious Eugene & sad Abraham.

3. ❤ The Trap– Probably the best scene in the whole episode was when Noah lured the cops to the “survivors” (consisting of Daryl, Rick, Sasha & Tyrese) who tried to take them hostage only to have another cop show up shooting. Everyone splits up chasing after the police & Daryl ends up on his own being attacked by one of Dawn’s officers with walkers biting at him. So how does Daryl not end up walker-food, easy he tears of a walkers head and smashes the cop with it. This “rescue mission” by the cop only leads to Rick & the group gaining an additional hostage. 2014-11-27 22-27-54

4. ❤ Sargent Lamson is a good guy– So when they ambush Dawn’s men Noah suggests that Lamson is “one of the good ones” which basically means he’s probably going to be doing something to prove that he’s not. Even when the female officer is trying to convince Rick to let them go Lamson appears to be “helpful” and he gives Sasha this big sob story about a friend who was melted to the pavement and turned. Appealing to Sasha’s humanity was a ruse to attack, which she would have saw coming if not for her recent loss of Bob.

5. ? Sasha– WHY BRING HER? really though, I’m not saying Sasha is not helpful, she is… under NORMAL circumstances, but Bob just died, like the night before, why would they bring her along on a rescue mission? Obviously, she is not in the right frame of mind to be going up against another group this soon, she should have stayed back at the church, if they needed the extra man power at the hospital, BRING MICHONNE! She should not have been able to be manipulated by Lamson as easily as she was but he was able to do this because she was distracted. 2014-11-27 22-35-59

So my mid-season finale predictions are different now than they would have been before this episode, I thought GREATM would be with the larger group by now which they are not, Carol would be awake which she is not and Rick’s group would have been about to attack the hospital which they are not so my predictions needless to say need to reflect the characters’ current positions.

1. Dawn is not going to go for the plan. Rick’s original throat-slit first ask questions later plan was probably the way to go. Dawn is way too anal to go along with this which will lead to a battle between the two groups.

2. There is a lot of hype around the net about the midseason premiere in February, no specifics just that it is supposed to be an epic episode, because of this I’m predicting the fight won’t be finished before the end of the episode.

3. Father Gabriel–I’d first like to mention the man is an idiot, these people just saved his life more than once & now he’s just gonna take off on his own? not a good idea. I think he just caused a problem by leaving, not just for himself but for Michonne, Carl and the baby. By leaving the floorboards off there is now a way for walkers to get into the church which can catch those in the church off guard. Which will probably happen if not in the finally than in ep 9.

4. Death? — I do think someone is going to die. I do not think it will be Beth. why? because too many people think it is going to be Beth. If everyone thinks back to the midseason finale for season 4 Hersel’s death was sad for multiple reasons but the main one being because it was so unexpected. I also don’t think it will be Rick or Daryl, mainly because of their massive fan bases. Carole, Tyrese and Sasha I think are all fairgame.

5. GREATM– I once again predict they will head back to the church, right in time to save those there from a walker attack perhaps. 2014-11-27 23-02-23

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