Why I admire Veronica Mars

This post is about the character not the show…however if you haven’t watched the show & plan to this post may contain spoilers for both the show or movie. I also did a 10 life lessons post about the show.

Okay so this show has been off the air for a while now but the movie just came out last year and the series was put up on Netflix bringing it back into popularity. I did not notice the show even existed when it first aired but I really wish I had. I noticed it on my netflix feed one day and decided to give it a shot. This resulted in me watching all three seasons in perfect timing (about a week) finishing season three the night before the movie was released…I seriously feel for the fans who had to wait for so long for the movie. I had to wait about 12 hours and it was torture. Anyway this post isn’t supposed to be about how much I love the show but about why I admire the character of Veronica Mars so here I go.

My previous post about Buffy Summers, another female lead character I admire, shows that I obviously have an admiration for independent, strong leading characters in television. Looking up to these type of characters is a main reason I enjoyed VM so much.

As stated in the Buffy post, there are not many good tv role models for teenage girls right now Veronica falls into that category. She is a great model of female empowerment. Also, Veronica in the movie is a woman we can all look up to. She never backs down from a challenge, she doesn’t give into social norms just because she believes she has to and she doesn’t hide who she is. She was a victim of sexual assault and after being blown off by the police she didn’t back down, she didn’t sit around and feel bad for herself, she found answers. She pieced her night together in order to bring forth justice. Then in season 3 she helped track down a rapist at her college because she didn’t believe anyone could get away with what was being done. She does not let anyone tell her what she can or cannot do, she sets out to accomplish a goal and nothing can stand in her way, she makes it happen.

She sometimes needs help to cope with things, but how could she not. She has had to deal with a lot. Her best friend was murdered, her friends turned on her, her mother abandoned her, she was drugged, rapped, blown off by the police and the only parent she had left may not have even be her dad (Spoiler: he is ) but for a while it was suspected that her ex boyfriend was actually her half brother. To make things worse, she found out her new boyfriend may have been the one who drugged her (he wasn’t) then he may have been her bestfriend’s killer (he wasn’t), he may have killed someone (he didn’t) [basically she always thought the worst of Logan] and she gets kidnapped and almost burnt alive by the real killer who was her boyfriend’s father. (and that’s just season one).
However, regardless of all of that, she doesn’t let it define her.
She sticks up for herself, she fights for answers.
She’s smart,sarcastic, funny, tough, brave and loyal (unless you give her reason not to be). She is a realist. She has a great (although small) group of friends and a great relationship with her father. She is one of those characters who other characters will fight for, she makes it relatively easy for them to defend her (even though she doesn’t need them to) and although she puts herself in dangerous situations she does so because she is trying to find answers. She’s a person you either love or hate…& I for one lover her.
And that is why I admire Veronica Mars Hope you enjoyed 🙂

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