Top 10 Movie Couples

It’s top ten tuesdays 🙂 so here are my favourite real or wishful movie couples. This Excludes animated films by the way (that will be next weeks top ten)

10. Melanie & Jake from Sweet Home Alabama

9. Molly & Sam from Ghost

8. Jamie & Landon from A Walk To Remember

7. Margaret & Andrew from the Proposal

6 Holly & Eric from Life as we know it

5. Sandy & Danny from Grease

4. Abby & Mike from The Ugly Truth

3. Monica & Quincy from Love & Basketball

2. Letty & Dom from F&F Franchise

1. Allie & Noah from the notebook (I know it’s a predictable one)

Honourable Mentions
1. Veronica & Logan from Veronica Mars (the Movie)
2. Jamie & Dylan from Friends with Benefits
3. Nicole & Milo from Bounty Hunter
4. Mia & Brian from F&F Franchise
5. Hermione & Ron from Harry Potter

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Movie Couples”

  1. Wouldn’t Ron/Hermoine technically be a book ship? Where is your book ship post? Surely you must have one. You have a ship for all other forms of media. And do you ship anyone in real life?


    1. They are and will be on my book ship post I’m actually working on 3 more ship posts today that I will be having before valentine’s day is over, hermoine and Ron are one of the few couples that will be in multiple lists (another is Veronica and Logan [TV & movie])


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