Etsy Shop of The Week #2–>Custom Controllers

So for this week’s Etsy shop of the week I chose Custom Controllers

The shop is exactly how it sounds. They do custom game controllers.
Below are some pics of examples.

Supergirl Xbox 360 Controller 2014-11-23 22-18-57 2014-11-23 22-18-42

The Walking Dead Xbox 360 Controller 2014-11-23 22-20-46 2014-11-23 22-21-04

Xmen PS4 Controller 2014-11-23 22-23-03 2014-11-23 22-23-19

Along with the custom controllers they also have canvas pics such as this one of the flash 2014-11-23 22-24-39

& side tables: 2014-11-23 22-25-19

Anyway check out the shop let me know in the comments if you have a etsy shop you’d like me to check out.

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