10 life lessons from Veronica Mars

If you have not watched the three seasons of Veronica Mars or the Film I suggest you do so…before continuing to read as this post is going to be FILLED with spoilers.

10. Don’t accept a drink from someone who hates you– or better yet just pour your own drinks.

Veronica drugged 3x09
Veronica drugged 3×09
Veronica Drugged 3×7
Veronica Drugged- 1×21

9. Always be enthusiastic


7. Veronica says this one best:

6. This one is a bit sad..but under most circumstances…true

5. Everybody has an epic love story waiting for them

4. Sometimes you break and that’s okay

3. A good friend is reliable, even after years of not communicating

2. Always stick up for yourself.

1. The hero is the one who stays & the people who deserve your faith are those who come through for you even when you don’t love them enough

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