My 15 most anticipated movies of 2015 (For 15 followers)

This morning I went to word press as I do every morning to start working on my blog for the day and was excited to see I gained 5 more followers… In order to celebrate I decided I’d do something I saw on youtube yesterday and that is create my top 15 most anticipated movies for the upcoming year. Hope everyone enjoys and check out some trailers. 2014-11-23 12-20-58

15.Antman |July 17 2015|
Not the marvel movie I’m most excited for but a continuation of MCU all the same so it needs to be included.

14. Terminator: Genisys |July 3 2015|
Arnold is back! and this time not in shitty CGI.

13. Paul Blart 2| April 17 2015|
Excited for some comedy in the upcoming year.

12.Mission Impossible 5| December 26 2015|
I am a big fan of the franchise & find it actually gets better as it goes instead of worse.

11. Pan| July 17 2015
Peter Pan is one of my top 10 favourite Disney characters, I love both the animated & live action movies.

10. Ted 2|July 10 2015
Who doesn’t love a teddy bear voiced by Seth McFarlane really?

9. Taken 3| January 8 2015|
Loved the first, hated the second, am optimistic for the third

8. Fantastic Four| August 6 2015|
Although I question the casting choices I can’t help but be excited for a reboot.

7. Minions |June 26 2015|
Come on they’re the Minions what else is there to say.

6. Cinderella|March 27 2015|
As previously stated in other posts I am a disney fanatic. I might actually like disney more than comic books (which makes them buying out Marvel & Lucas Films all the more awesome for me) I am a HUGE fan of their animated work & while I have had mixed opinions of their live action depictions I am optomistically awaiting the live action version of Cinderella.

5. Jurassic World| June 12 2015|
I love love love Jurassic Park…that is all that needs to be said 🙂

4. Starwars Episode 7| December 18 2015|
This is a given. Although I like the older Starwars movies I’m quite pumped for this one, especially since it is the first one since Disney has bought out the franchise.

3. Bond 24 | November 6 2015|
I also love the Bond movies, and Daniel Craig’s portrayal is great in my opinion. Quite excited for the 24th Bond film to be released.

2. Fast & Furious 7|April 3 2015|
Although not on the geeky side technically something I totally nerd out over is the F&F franchise. I love Paul Walker (bawled my eyes out when he died), love all of the F&F movies and can’t wait to see this one.

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron |May 2015|
Since the first Avengers was my second favourite comic based movie & probably in my top ten movies of any genre it only makes sense that I am anticipating the release of the sequel. Actually, anticipation is putting it lightly I watch the trailer almost daily, I can’t wait.

So what movie or movies are you most excited for? let me know in the comments

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