Fade into you

I hate that there is no new episode next week 😦
On that note anything from here on includes MAJOR spoilers from episode 6×8 of TVD if you haven’t seen it you have been warned.

It’s a twin thing
This weeks episode started with a flashback of 1994, when Kai was on his rampage early discussed in the season. I’ve known since it was discovered that Jo was a witch that she was Kai’s sister, I didn’t know she was his twin but that makes sense since twins are genetic and apparently Liv & Luke are also they’re siblings.
So continuing on the twin train, their dad…wow. So he locked his son away in a supernatural prison “groundhog day” world for killing his children, yet he has a rule where on their twenty second birthday one of his children must give his or her power to the other twin and die. Oh and when he suspected Kai might get released…he tried to kill another one of his children. So, just so we’re clear he can kill his kids but noone else can?

The Parkers

So this family probably takes the cake as the craziest of families on TVD (which is saying a lot since we’ve been exposed to the Mikaelsons. So lets do a quick comparison shall we.
Untitled Infographic (1)


Poor Stefan. Must say, I loved the part when Damon, Stefan & Ric are discussing friendsgiving and how Stefan did not get an invite.

Poor Caroline, she tries so hard for friendsgiving to be perfect BIG FAT FAILURE! Instead it consisted of tales of murderous brothers, a near death experience and a breakup…what else do you expect in a TVD Holiday themed episode.

I really enjoy watching the guys push Stefan towards Caroline, I mean really someone has to. Also when Stefan and Elena are talking on the phone “Can’t you just kiss and makeup” haha. I like how Stefan and Elena are in a place now where they can be supportive of each other’s relationships even if said relationships are with her bestfriend and his brother.

The scene with Caroline & Stefan was also pretty great, how he explained why he pushed her away and they have a bit of a moment… hopefully this doesn’t drag out for 3 years like Damon & Elena did.

Delena & Bamon
Now I in NOOOO way want Bonnie & Damon together however their relationship is awesome…they act like they hate each other but it’s just an act. Damon will do whatever it takes to bring her back and she sacrificed herself so he could come back to Elena. They are true friends in every definition of the word. I loved when Damon compelled Alaric because it shows how far he’s willing to go to bring her back.
Also, on that note I loved the ending scene with Damon and Elena when they’re talking about Bonnie. I’m hoping she comes back and is able to do some sort of spell to give Elena her memories back.

So what is going on now in 1994.. Is Kai going to be able to come back & leave Bonnie there? Probably. I like him as a villain because although he is a nutcase he’s still quite funny, he’s another one of those villains you sorta end up liking.

Overall I’d give the episode a A- could have used more action but it moved the story along well and had some great moments.

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