5 Fandom Friday Thanksgiving

Ok so as a Canadian my thanksgiving was last month, HOWEVER, it’s never a bad time to think about who you’d invite to your thanksgiving. I like this 5FF so much I’m going to do the original version along with 2 custom versions.

5 Characters I’d invite to thanksgiving dinner

5. Stefan Salvatore– After watching last night’s TVD I’d have to invite Stefan, poor guy wasn’t invited to Caroline’s friendsgiving 😦

4. Buffy Summers–Always tries so hard to have a normal holiday. Would love to be the person to give it to her.Plus like my next choice she would do most of the work for me πŸ™‚

3.Caroline Forbes–Might be awkward with Stefan there but oh well they need to get over it…plus with Buffy & Caroline Everything would be perfect or there’d be an epic battle either way it would be cool.

2. Ichabod Crane– It would be awesome to just get the history lesson from him, he would probably rant on for hours.

1.Dean Winchester (hopefully he doesn’t kill two of my guests)– the man loves his pie.

5 real people dead or alive I’d invite to thanksgiving

5. Stan Lee–Because who wouldn’t want to share a meal with Stan Lee

4. Joss Whedon–Basically for the same reason as Stan.

3. Steve Jobs– If we have any technical difficulties during post dinner festivities i’m sure he could help out.Plus awesome dinner conversation.

2. Walt Disney– I Love Walt Disney, their movies, the theme parks, the stories EVERYTHING! & this man started it all.

1.Sebastian Roche– This guy is an amazing actor, has been on a whole bunch of my shows (Supernatural, TVD)

Superhereos i’d invite to thanksgiving dinner

5. Thor– He’d really enjoy the food, Thor loves him a feast

4. Batman– Just because he’s batman

3. Ironman– Because Tony Stark would make for some interesting dinner conversation

2. Wolverine–If we don’t have a carving knife, no big deal.

1. Flash –Just incase something gets forgotten someone would have to make a store run

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