Life Lessons Learned from my TV fandoms Pt. 1

Since I now have 10 followers here on Giirlgonegeek I have decided to do another life lessons post since one of my top posts was 10 lessons learned from marvel movies This time I’m going to focus on 10 life lessons I’ve learned from my TV fandoms. I titled it part one because there are just so many 10 is no where near enough.I plan on doing more in the future on the same topic.. so here it goes

1. Sometimes Girls & Guys can just be friends
friendship fandoms

2. It’s very common to fall for your childhood bestfriend.
love with friend tv

3. Ex’s can stay friends.They may even be supportive of new relationships (even if it’s with their sibling)

4. Some friendships are forever
friendship tv

5.Love can consume you. It can be epic. It’s not brains,it’s blood. It’s undeniable. It’s the person you want beside you when all your dreams come true.

truelove tv

6. Women can be the heroes
kickass women

7. Family doesn’t have to be based on blood.
family tv

8. Opposites do attract
oppoaite attract

9.Love changes us. The guys who appear to be assholes aren’t always such.

10. If you’re going to do something stupid make sure there is a gorgeous guy who saves your ass at every turn.

Bonus: When it’s real you can’t walk away

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