I really liked the beginning of this weeks episode since it had never showed what Carole did when she first “left” the group & this way we got to see a bit of that. The first scene with Noah was interesting, I wasn’t expecting it to go down like that but it helps I guess to establish a time line.


I really love how it played more and more on who Daryl and Carole are as individuals as well as their relationship with each other. Onto last weeks predictions. The van thing was way off, had the location down as well as the “who is with Daryl” question which is finally answered. The time frame was also pretty spot on, about 2 days although I saw the meeting with Noah going quote different. The way the show did it I like more than the way I saw it go down in my head.
So below are my main feelings as well as my predictions for next week.
Main feeling though is sadness because there was only 2 episodes left before the mid season finale.

1. ❤ Carole story–good to see what she was up to last season for a while
2. ❤ you’re not the same neither am I. I loved the contrast between Carole & Daryl and how much they’ve changed through out the series.
3. 😦 Daryl’s reaction to Carole getting hit by the car.there was so much emotion there it was heart breaking.
4.? How badly is Carole hurt? Hopefully the doc will be able to fix her all up bit I can’t see her being too helpful for an escape.
5. 🙂 Daryl & Carole’s rescue of Noah and how the whole hospital thing was revealed, loved how they played it out.
My predictions for next week were made the same way as usual.
1. The time frame is back to where it should be after episode 3 & episode 4 (which occured in the same frame) when carole arrives at hospital & daryl and noah arrive at church.
2. Daryl & Noah fill Rick and the group at the church in on what’s been happening
3. Maybe Abraham, Glen and that group meet back up with the group at the church
4. According to the sneak peek they are planning on taking Carole off life support but I’m sure she’ll survive. 2014-11-19 11-28-39
5. A rescue group heads to the hospital so I think that group will consist of Rick, Tyrese, Daryl, Noah & Sasha while everyone stays behind at the church. I’m thinking the episode will end right before the big fight at the hospital so that it is the main event in the mid-season finale the following week. 2014-11-19 11-29-39

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