5 Comfort Foods :)


So after this post I will be officially caught up in FiveFandomFridays & it’s a great topic to end on… favourite comfort foods.

screenshot-www.thenerdygirlie.com 2014-11-13 22-25-56

5. Chocolate. All kinds of chocolate. Love it all 🙂

4. cookies or better yet cookie dough. I know it’s not recommended that you munch out on cookie dough but if i’m making cookies I am eating the crap out of that dough. tastes so much better than the final product. 🙂 but I love cookies too.

3.Pasta. Of any kind. yummmmmm. Vanelli’s at the mall here makes a kick ass pasta, also the resort I stayed at in Dominican also had awesome pasta.

2. Cupcakes, especially from Monkeycakes here in Fredericton they are sooo good, expensive but totally worth it. I had $400 at my wedding & everybody loved them.

1. Pizza– I looovvveee Pizza, not only is it my number one comfort food, it’s my favourite food period. If it’s homemade or from pizza delight even better. I  know the delivery drivers pretty well at this point. I’m actually waiting on some right now (although it’s 1230 at night).

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