5 Fandom Friday: Apps

fffToday I am joining in on 5FandomFridays & this week’s theme is 5 smartphone apps I can’t live without.

screenshot-www.thenerdygirlie.com 2014-11-13 22-25-56


5.  Netflix. I know it sound obvious but if i’m waiting at the doctors office or on break at work and can’t stop thinking about whatever series i’m currently binge watching on netflix, I like to be able to just haul out my phone, throw on some headphones & continue to watch where ever I am.

4.Facebook . Another major obvious one. but I can’t help it , I love my facebook. I’m a facebook junkie. ’nuff said.

3.Word Press.   I love having the ability to blog anywhere without having to use my browser to do it. the word press app lets me do that also, I’m able to get notifications when someone likes, shares or comments on a post.

2. Quizup. Love this app, fun game, something for me to do & keep my brain well exercised. 🙂

1. Marvel Unlimited. Another fun way to keep myself busy when I have nothing to do, so much easier than carrying comics with me everywhere & good to have when i’m away from home & finish a book , makes long waits a lot less boring as well.

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