Why Buffy Summers is a great female role model

screenshot-8tracks.imgix.net 2014-11-12 13-59-18In a time where shows like “keeping up with the kardashians” “Teen Mom” and “16 and pregnant” are popular television programs one can only feel that teenage girls need a real role model, a female character who shows them that women can be strong and independent while still holding on to their femininity. That females can be heroes instead of damsels in distress. This is where Buffy Summers comes in.

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I was about 7 when Buffy the vampire slayer first came on the air and in the past 17 years I have probably re-watched the entire series 10 or more times. I remember how badly I wanted to be like Buffy. She was beautiful, funny, and totally badass .She was a “normal” teenage girl to those around her but to her small group of friends who knew she was the “chosen one”, One girl in all the world entrusted to protect it from the things that go bump in the night. She goes up against the worst odds and still comes out on top.

She was strong willed, independent, yet a good friend, daughter and sister. She didn’t play victim and she always did what was right. The male characters in the show were second tier to Buffy. She didn’t stand back and let them do the fighting and heavy lifting, she was right in the thick of it. She was not the victim but the victor. But she still had feminine qualities: she liked to shop, she was a cheerleader, fell in love & had her heart broken, she risked everything to do what was right & killed the man she loved because she had to.  She was a true role model for girls everywhere who needed to know you don’t have to sell yourself short or wait for a man to save you.

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