So this weeks episode followed the group I coined “group cure” however I’m going to have to change that name apparently since SHOCKER (not) Eugene actually doesn’t know how to turn the world back to normal.

The walking dead keeps asking us how far would you go? In the case of Eugene it’s no different. They are trying to make you think, What would you do to help yourself during the zombie apocalypse? Would you create a fake mission in order to have protection? Sure, a lot of viewers are angry with Eugene but has he really done anything that different from what anyone else would do? You’re on your own , not quite capable of protecting yourself so you lie–at least he wasn’t putting up signs luring people to the dinner table, it could always be worst in the world of the walking dead. However, many people have died in order to get Eugene to DC to “save the world” and that “accident” with the bus could have been deadly, go Eugene may have taken it too far and let it drag on too long but really in a zombie apocalypse, can you be too selfish? As an upside Eugene is smart, he can probably be helpful in some way to the group.

Now let’s look at my predictions from last week. Like I said we have no idea what is going on with anyone else yet, we still have many unanswered questions and next week doesn’t seem to provide much insight as far as the main group goes as it is doing another time jump. Abraham snapping, yes we saw quite a bit of that. I’m torn about how I feel about the very Abe-centric episode. It’s good that we got a bit of background on the character as well as how he and Eugene were brought together but I just want to know what’s going on with everyone else so bad. I predicted something was going to happen to someone, well Eugene got smoked in the face pretty bad so I guess that qualifies. The group stays the same size but it will appear as though there is going to be some major tension amongst them.

1. ❤ An emotional back story for Abraham — Abraham’s character has been one with no real back story so i’m glad they showed it. It makes you really feel for the character, he resorted to violence in order to protect his family and what did he get out of it, oh yeah they left him and got killed. Kinda understandable that he wanted to end it.

2.<3 Eugene & Abraham meet– I liked this scene because although Eugene lied to Abraham you see that he also saved his life. If he hadn’t needed to save Eugene’s life he would have killed himself, Eugene would have died shortly after and these two characters wouldn’t even be in the show. I know it sucks for Abraham that there is no cure but at least for a while Eugene gave him some hope and something to live for.

3. :|– no cure– so I have mixed feelings here. 🙂 the show is going to keep going for a while 😦 sucks for the characters who have to continue to live in this horrible post-apocalyptic world.

4. ?–Are they going to go back –I wish before he ended they’d say where they are heading next are they going to go back to the church now? Are they going to continue to try and get to Washington because it will be a safer area?

5. ❤ “Self-Help” Irony–I loved the whole tie in with the title.  The title of the episode was “self help”, Eugene was being a peeper from the “self-help” section in the library and his whole motivation for Eugene to lie was to help him self.

predictions for next week:

Next weeks episode is called “consumed” and is featuring “group badass” (thought the title was fitting) which is Daryl and Carol. The time period is between when Carol and Daryl take off to find Beth (end of episode 2) and when Carol gets wheeled into the hospital (end of episode 4)/Daryl returns to church (end of episode 3). Prediction are made the same as every other time by watching promos and sneak peaks.

1. Who is with Daryl in episode 3– I know I know I’ve had this part in every review since episode 3 but I think it might actually show it this episode. After Carol gets taken (which we know happens because of episode 4) I think Daryl is going to find Noah and go back to the church to get help.

2. Setting– They are going to make it into Atlanta which could be quite dangerous given the amount of walkers that have over run the city (earlier seasons)

3. The truck?– At one point in the promo they are in the back of what appears to be a hospital truck. This will probably take them straight to the hospital where Dawn’s group takes Carol.

4. Daryl gets away– So if Carol and Daryl are both in that truck, Daryl needs to get away some how maybe Carol tries to fight them off and when she gets knocked out Daryl heads back and runs into Noah.

5. Time Frame– I’m not sure the exact time frame yet but what’s obvious is that this is happening during the same time as the events of episode 3 & 4 so it shouldn’t be more than a couple days since the events at the church did not seem to spread over much time.

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