Why Blackwidow is my favourite on screen female comicbook character

Since today’s top ten was on portrayals of female comicbook characters in film and television I feel as though I should explain my number one choice. What makes Black Widow different from the others? she is a badass but so are some of my other top ten choices, take catwoman and black canary for instance, they are both equally as badass. She has some crazy fighting skills but so do almost all my other choices so why was Black Widow #1?

First off she sticks up for herself but not in a way that is annoying. When she appeared in Ironman 2 and Happy seemed to think she was just a helpless little secretary, she proved him wrong quickly, she doesn’t let herself get underestimated.

Her clothes are also awesome. Sure, she’s in a skin tight suit but that is actually a practical choice given her occupation. She’s not walking around in heals like many other female superheroes because really who’s going to go on a spy mission or save the world from aliens while wearing stilettos.

Also, she’s human and shows it. Although she is an amazing manipulator she feels the full spectrum of human emotion, she is sad when she should be, concerned when she should be and scared when she should be. Who is their right mind would not be terrified about being stuck in a confined space with the hulk.

Throughout the Avengers instead of trying to “defeat” Hawkeye she was determined to save him. The thought of him going rogue was enough to get her to help and when going toe to toe with him her goal was not to hurt or kill him, it was to save him, to turn him back into her friend. Sure she’s sexy but that’s not all she is. She cares about the people she works with, about the job she does, about doing what needs to be done. She risks her life time and time again to do what is right. She has no real super powers, just a set of skills that she uses very well. She’s mortal but that doesn’t stop her from doing her job. She is a true avenger.

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