The Two Big Screen Quicksilvers

For anyone who is not familiar with the character Quicksilver you can check out my Super saturday Faceoff between Flash & Quicksilver.

So as many know the character of quicksilver has been portrayed twice in the last year or so by two different actors in two different cinematic universes. The first was in the post credit scene of winter soldier which sets the stage for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ in which Quicksilver & his sister The Scarlet Witch will be joining the avengers, this version will be portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The second portrayal was in the 1970’s portion of ‘X-men: days of futures past’ in which Quicksilver aids in the jail break of his father (although neither know he’s his father) Magneto and this version was portrayed by Evan Peters.

First off, how did this happen? Well that’s quite simple, there was a loophole in who has the rights to quicksilver. Fox owns the rights to Xmen while Marvel Studios owns the rights to Avengers, Quicksilver however is a character featured in both the x-men comics as well as the avengers therefore leaving the rights to his character up in the air. According to ‘Xmen: Days of futures past’ screen writer Simon Kinberg, the decision to use Quicksilver in each film was made independently. Joss Whedon (director of the avengers: age of ultron) based the storyline on a comic that involves Scarlet Witch (Quicksilver’s sister)& thought it was important to include his character in the storyline. According to the head of marvel studios there are not many examples of characters who fall in this film rights gray area, it just happens that Quicksilver is one who does. Scarlet witch would be another example.
The studios have claimed however that the portrayals of quicksilver are going to be very different between the two universes.
I am quite excited to see what these differences are and to see both versions in action as the role of quicksilver will be appearing again (and for more screentime) in xmen:apocalypse)…I can guarentee there will be a who did it better post after the release of both films.
so, readers, which quicksilver are you most excited for: Avenger’s or Xmen’s?

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