TVD 6×6 Rant


So about 2 minutes into the episode I already wanted to bitch-slab Elena, like really did you not read the note from yourself where you basically told yourself how much you loved Damon yet she’s all “He’s a sociopath” “I don’t want my memories back” “blahblahblah i’m a dumb ass”. There should have been a “if Damon comes back I want my memories back immediately” loophole in this whole compel away the memories/feeling thing. but nooooo the writers had to figure out a way to drag this out and make me sad…seriously I feel like I have no life I wanted to go cry in a corner tonight like a little girl.

Then Damon & Alaric moment made me feel a little better. Because when Delena can’t make me feel good at least Dalaric can. Even if Damon is mad at Ric just having them in the same room with each other makes my life feel complete.

Then there was the Damon getting caught by the jackass vampire hunter thing… well of course he did otherwise who would save Enzo…oh yeah nobody…but the ending…oh god that ending… 

Elena “I want my memories back” …really you couldn’t have decided that say… 10 minutes ago & then of course Alaric would cross the border and get saved by Jo instead of getting back across the border with Damon & Enzo, which reminds me (when Damon & Elena drove across the border in the finale it seemed to take a lot longer for the magic stripping thing to happen) anyway back to my rant.. so Alaric is human again…oh yay for Ric…oh wait no not yay for Ric because now there is nobody to compel Elena to remember all the stuff she should have been compelled to remember at the beginning for the effing episode! uhhh so many feels!

oh and then, of course, the episode would end with Damon & Elena coming face to face for the first time.

Anywho, I watched the Promo, which just pisses me off even more because nope, seeing Damon’s face did not bring Elena’s memories back or she wouldn’t be on a date !!!!!!

so that is my rant for the night.

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