So before I start talking about the most recent episode (5×4) i’m going to revisit some of my previous theories so Morgan… DEFINITELY NOT the person who is Daryl because what I did not notice until rewatching the premiere again is there is an obvious time jump between the time that the group is at the Terminus sign and when Morgan gets there (can tell by weeds growing on the sign) so maybe he won’t meet up with the group until the end of the season maybe next season.  Needless to say this time jumping thing is confusing the hell out of me.

Okay so after 2 major cliffhangers & some big changes we still have NO ANSWERS…Where is Morgan? Who’s with Daryl? Where are Eugene & that little portion of the group? This right here is why I hate when the group splits up because we have to wait a few weeks to continue a story of the various groups. Anyway that’s my little rant here are my thoughts on the episode.

1) ♥ Surprised that Emily Kinney (Beth) had the ability to do a character central episode (not to be mean) but really the character of Beth has usually bored me, but did a surprisingly good job.

2) ¿The new group at the hospital I have mixed feelings about, the Doctor I do like even though he tricked Beth into killing a man, he did it out of fear of what would happen to him if a new doctor was in the mix so it’s kind of understandable I guess. I love Noah’s character & i’m so glad he got away (is he the one with Daryl? I think so.) Dawn (can you say “CRAZZZYYY”) really though, Bitch be nuts, like the way she just smacked Beth out of nowhere, totally unhinged & Gorman… well lets just say that ass is dead and it doesn’t hurt me none.

3) ¿What is the time frame, like is this at the same time as the events last week at the church, is it before, has Beth been disoriented this whole time since she was “saved” (cough cough kidnapped) until now or is the show just filling us in on what she has been up since then and this is about the time Daryl was with Joe & his crew? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

4) ♥Atlanta–Finally a city again and one previously seen in the series which makes it even better

5) ♥ Ending– wow! did not see that coming, AT ALL, how did they get Carol, how  much time has past in this episode? how much time as past since Daryl & Carol took off after that car? so many questions

**Unfortunately according to the promo for next week it will probably be a while before any of these questions will be answered & probably will have more by the end of next week.

Predictions for next episode

The next episode is called “Self Help”

1) Still Curious– So we probably won’t know what is going on with Beth or Carol, Who is with Daryl or Where Morgan is yet since this episode appears to focus on our third group for the time being lets refer to them as GROUP CURE.

2) Death? Okay so something is going to happen to someone, I know that’s vague. In the preview it shows Abraham dropping to his knees in the road obviously upset. So did someone die or possibly get taken? Eugene? Maggie? Glen? who I don’t know but obviously something happens.

3) We can’t go back? Maybe Glen & Maggie decide to return to help Rick? Does the small group get smaller…maybe…

4) It looks like Abraham is going to snap, could make things interesting.

5) Will Eugene tell anyone about his plans? probably not, which could make things bad if he were to die.

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