Zatanna Vs. Scarlet witch

Origin Story

Scarlet Witch– Mutant, Daughter of Magneto

Zatanna–Inherited her mother’s ability to manipulate magic

Winner–Tie, neither story is that great, both inherited their magical abilities


Scarlet Witch– Reality manipulation, flight, necromancy, probability manipulation, Illusion casting, Force field

Zatanna– Can do holographic projections, hypnosis, fire control, reality manipulation, time travel, weather control etc etc.

Winner– Although Zatanna has more abilities Scarlet Witch is more powerful

Magic Skills

Scarlet Witch– Magic like powers due to mutant genes


Winner–Zatanna uses actual magic


Scarlet Witch — Known as unstable

Zatanna– Has good control over her powers



Scarlet Witch–2


Zatanna Wins

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