Four walls & a roof Review & predictions


Crazy violent episode, the battle with the group from terminus was EPIC. Bob’s dead though so that’s sad. 2014-11-20 16-14-19

anyway, here are my top 5 points

1) ♥Kick ass fight scenes

2) ): Seriously split up again ! STUPID!

3) ♥ When Daryl shows up at the end !:)

4) The way they killed off Bob was great, very emotional, well acted PERFECT

5) ♥unpredictability

predictions for next week: once again based on promos, sneak peaks and synopsis

1) Beth–Obviously the main focus of the episode so she’s probably not with Daryl

2) So who’s with Daryl–Carol would probably have come out WITH Daryl, Beth is apparently in a hospital so who is it.. Morgan maybe?

3) Who’s with Daryl–Probably won’t find out in next episode

4) Who are the new survivors–People in a different town, probably not trustable, kidnap people under the ruse of helping them?

5)Dr. Steven Edwards?– New character in the next episode, Eugene type character maybe?

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