Ironman vs Batman

This week’s faceoff is between my alltime two favourite superheroes Batman & Ironman.

Origin Story:

Batman– As a young boy Bruce Wayne witnesses the murder of his parents which motivates him to seek out justice in Gotham.

Ironman–After an attack in a war zone weapon’s manufacturer Tony Stark builds an armoured suit and uses it along with his wealth & brains for good

winner– Batman –Bruce is motivated because of an emotional & traumatic event and seeks out justice for all.

Wealth (Forbes Fictional 15)

Batman– Bruce Wayne’s fortune is at approximately $9.2 billion from his inheritance & Wayne enterprises

Ironman– Tony Stark’s fortune is at approximately $12.4 billion from Stark Industries

Winner– Ironman


Batman– Robin (his pubescent sidekick), doesn’t get along too well with the rest of the justice league & his butler Alfred

Ironman–Jim Rhodes (War Machine) who has a suit almost as good as his own & the avengers



Batman– In great physical shape & great in hand to hand combat, master in martial arts

Ironman– His strength comes from his suit which houses the best weapons systems,has great indurance


Biggest Battle

Batman– Defeated superman ‘nuf said

Ironman–Got his ass handed to him by the hulk



Batman– IQ off the charts

Ironman–IQ off the charts

winner– In deductive reasoning–Batman, In mechanics & engineering–Ironman, they both have inmeasureable IQ so TIE


Batman (Bruce Wayne)- 3

Ironman (Tony Stark)- 4


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