Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye

This weeks face off is between the two major comicbook archers, Hawkeye & Green Arrow
Origin Story:Green Arrow: For this comparison I will be using the origin from the silver age. Oliver Queen was a wealthy playboy who had fallen off of a cruise ship and became stranded on an island. He learned to survive by using makeshift bows and arrows. Following his returned he used his new skills as a vegilante.Hawk Eye: Clint Barton was orphaned at an early age and he and his brother ran away from a children’s home to join the circus. His mentor Trickshot helped him hone his archery skills and later tricked him into shooting his brother. After witnessing Ironman in action he decided to be a hero himself but was mistaken as a criminal and hunted by police.

Winner–  Both origin story’s are great, however, Oliver’s silver age origin is more original for a superhero origin story & I feel he gets the edge.          


Green Arrow–     Speedy/Red arrow, Black Canary, Justice League

Hawkeye– Black widow, Mockingbird, Avengers

Winner– Have to give this one to Hawkeye he has 2 shield agents +the avengers while green arrow has the Justice league + a teenage sidekick.

Trick Arrows (will choose 5 most impressive trick arrows from each to compare)

Green Arrow– Kryptonite arrows, Handcuff Arrows, Safe Cracking Arrow, Cryonic Arrows & Smokescreen Arrow

Hawkeye– Adamantium Arrows, Tear gas Arrows, Acid Arrows, USB Arrow & Localized Nuclear Arrow

Winner– They both have amazing arrows, Green arrow however have more arrows to choose from as well as more impressive arrows overall so he wins.


Green arrow–Can shoot 29 arrows per minute, has split a drop of water, can shoot into the barrel of a gun, can shoot with one arm

Hawkeye–Trickshot master, can throw anything with equal skill

winner– green arrow just because there is more info about specific shooting occurances


Green Arrow– Green Arrow’s costume is classic green & black and inspired by Robin Hood

Hawkeye– Purple everything

Winner–Green Arrow’s costume is more classic and looks less like a cartoon dinosaur (just saying)


Green Arrow– Trained on a hellish island for years

Hawkeye– Trained in a circus

Winner–Green Arrow became an archer out of necessity & as a means of survival


Green Arrow–4


Winner–Although they are both the best archers in their respective universes Green Arrow wins this battle.



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