No Sanctuary Review & Predictions


First off I just want to say YAY THE WALKING DEAD IS BACK :)

okay, now that I got that out of the way.  Lets move on to the review of this episode and predictions for next. 2014-11-20 16-31-03

Sunday’s episode tried to make us feel for the members of terminus, once good people now forced to resort to brutality in order to survive….yeah didn’t work on me either…. I get the brutality for the sake of survival thing sure, we see it with Rick and Daryl and everyone else. HOWEVER, there is a huge difference between killing people when it is necessary for your own survival & putting up signs and luring unsuspecting … um… food?  but really though, how can they possibly justify putting up their big sanctuary signs only to trap, slaughter & eat them. I really don’t care how bad you had it or what circumstances led you here.. it’s just plain NASTY.

anyway moving on.

So basically, my opinions on the episode:

1) ♥ Suspenseful beginning (after last season’s heart wrenching decapitation it’s hard to determine if any fan favourites are safe)

2) ¿ Does anyone even notice Beth’s not there– you’d think at least her sister would be a bit concerned but nope not even a mention

3)♥ awwhh Daryl & Carol Reunion :)

4) ♥awwhh Rick & Carl are reunited with Judith :)

5) ¿ Somewhere in all the Chaos did Carol take a shower?

… Ending: way to just insert Morgan into the post credit scene walking dead …grr :|

Predictions for Episode 2: Watched the preview & sneak peaks which my predictions are based on:

First off the episode is called strangers

New Characters: Father Gabriel for sure from the previews.

So with father Gabriel’s story in the preview he is being attacked by Walkers and the group is going to his aid… if they follow the same story line as the comics than he survived this long by locking himself in the church and living off the supplies there–has no experience dealing with walkers. In the promo they are in the church, so maybe the group is gonna lay low there for a while? Rick is basically saying in the prom that he doesn’t trust father Gabriel, father Gabriel says he’s a sinner if they follow the comics I already know what those sins are (basically leaving others to die while he saved his own ass) but maybe they’ll change it up a bit in the series, i’m not quite sure.

Other predictions:

1) Beth? probably won’t be back in for a while

2) Morgan? probably gonna drag that out for a while too

3) Gareth? would have made it out of terminus & will be out for blood (probably in episode 2)

4) Group as a whole? hoping they don’t split up again but wouldn’t surprise me

5) Bites/deaths? I’m thinking too early in the season for them to kill off anyone major, Rick might kill Gareth or leave him for dead or something though 2014-11-09 10-29-54

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